Thank you

Letter-5 of A Letter to You

Dear S,

While you are gasping at the number of letters I am writing to you and catching up on the backlog, let me write you this important letter. A letter of thank you-s. Often times the relationships that matter the most to us are also ones we hardly appreciate. Ours is no different. I don’t recall a single time I have thanked you properly in all these years.. So here goes.

For all the times I lose my temper and you don’t, thank you!

For all the times you patiently wait for your food while I click photos, thank you!

For every hot dosa & idli you serve me for breakfast every morning, thank you!

For all those mornings you sacrifice your sleep to go for a walk with me, thank you!

For all those evenings you walk in with hot samosas, thank you!

For all those times you give me your shoulder to lie on, thank you!

For all those days and nights you press my head massaging it in different permutations and combinations, thank you!

For all those lovely little surprises you throw me every now and then, thank you!

For all the times you hear me blabber endlessly, thank you!

For taking up every hobby of mine as seriously as yours, thank you!

For all the stories you make up to get me to sleep, thank you!

For gulping down anything I cook with an appreciation, thank you!

For trying to understand my cryptic mind even when I cannot myself, thank you!

For all the laundry you have done in all these years, thank you!

For all the times you have had to bear the brunt of my excessive thinking, thank you!

For showing me how to live life as it comes, thank you!

For taking over bathroom cleaning since day one, thank you!

For all the times you have to put up with my drama queen-ness, thank you!

For putting up with my unexplainable crankiness, thank you!

For being my partner in crime, thank you!

For holding my hands in every walk of our life, thank you!

For putting my needs before yours, thank you!

For being my best friend, thank you!

Thanks I have to tell you, many more times. For everything you did and continue to do for me. It is only fitting that I write this post to you on my birthday while you have been treating me like your queen since morning 🙂

Always in love.



For love

Letter-4 of A Letter to You

Dear S,

We share a million memories together and every single one is special to me. But on days like today when I am feeling low, there are some extra special memories that make me feel very warm and happy. So I am going to remind you of one such special moment that will stay etched in my memory forever.

It was one of the toughest years since we got married. We were surrounded by more number of issues than we could ever imagine. Everyone and everything tested our patience. On top of all this, we were not staying together. After struggling through a sea of hardships, our only resort would be the weekend. We both would wait with bated breath for the much needed weekend, catching up with each other’s lives. As it happened, one Friday evening you called me to tell that you couldn’t start to Bangalore as planned and that you would come see me the next week. I must tell you that was the lowest point of my life. Yes, I did let you pursue your dreams. I was ready to follow your path of hardships. But on that day, I hated you. For not being ordinary. For not sticking with your regular day job. For leaving me helpless. I must have cried half of the night and by the end of it, I had fallen asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I felt miserable. Not because you were not there with me but for the kind of person I had become. I made up my mind to spend the weekend by myself and not to cause you anymore stress than what you were already facing.

And then I heard the doorbell. I swear I could have had my heart in my hands for my heartbeat was too loud. To see you at the door at that moment is the highest point of my life. You drove through the night, with no breaks on the highway just to be with me.. I was am speechless. I hugged you and cried for a long time but those were the tears of happiness.

You remind me time and again of why I fell in love with you and stay in love with you forever!

Always in love.



Letter-3 of A Letter to You

Dear S,

Today it’s going to be about me ok? Every letter I have written to you in the past is either about us or about you in particular. Who is going to talk about me, especially since you don’t like writing at all? Even at the risk of tooting my own horn, I want to talk about me today.

Remember Mobile Networks? Software Testing? Digital Signal Processing? Microprocessors? Never mind, if you remember any of your Engineering papers, you have to agree that you got through most of them due to my constant pestering. The number of times I bugged you to answer all the questions and not to be lazy while writing the answers – that’s why you have your degree now 😀 So you see my constant nagging and pestering is not all bad.

This world is not always rosy and pink. Everyone you meet need not necessarily be a good person. Never give benefit of doubt to anyone when there is a personal risk involved. Don’t trust anyone blindly. Don’t help anyone at a personal cost. There are no flying elephants in this world. Yes, some of the many gems that spill out of my mouth regularly. Now tell me how would you manage without this kind of wisdom in your life?!

As much as I have admired your positive take towards everything in life, it surely has bugged me at times. You don’t have to be a pessimist but remember to take decisions considering both sides of the coin. . It is easy to get carried away looking at only the positive outcome. My negative spin on stuff has saved us both a lot of heartache.

I am a drama queen. I make a lot of fuss for silly stuff. I seek attention. I demand your love and affection. I argue and fight with you just for the sake of it. I love being silly. I like throwing fits and tantrums. But don’t you agree that your life is colorful ‘cos of all these things? What’s fun in acting all responsible and grown up!

And all the food I cook for you! I have lost count of the number of new dishes and cuisines have I introduced you to in all these years. You might feel like an experimental rat at times it is out of pure love for you that I treat you like a king when it comes to food. So don’t stare at me when I serve you an extra spoon of rice next time 😀

Yes, I am inpatient. I am short tempered. I am a sentimental fool. I am possessive. I am demanding. I am difficult. I might not be the bestest person in the world. I come with my own set of flaws. I am imperfect, I know. And yet, you make me feel special. Our relationship equation works because of who we are!

Always in love.





Letter-2 of A Letter to You

Dear S,

I have written you letters in the past, on special occasions and birthdays, counting my blessings every single time. This letter is about YOU. All the things that make YOU for me. Those things that make me fall in love with you every single day even after all these years.

Love can make someone selfish. But not you. From the time you get up in the morning to the time you go to sleep, every single thing you do is in my best interest. How can you be so selfless unlike me?

I have been mad at you so many times for the way you push me for certain things. Even when I think that I don’t have it in me, you tell me otherwise. When I finally end up finishing that task, I would be left astonished how I managed to do it.

In all these years you never treated me lady like. You consider me as your equal as in a proper equal. You wouldn’t think twice about getting into a fist fight or a kick boxing show with me. At times I have taken offense at it too but for the most part, I love doing these things with you. I could have never shed my inhibitions if not for you.

I don’t know how our life would have been if not for your ever positive attitude. You take every single thing in your stride and look at the positive stuff however minute that might be. At times I would be left fascinated with how you perceive things so differently compared to me. For someone like me brimming with negative thoughts, it is a welcome change looking at things from your perspective. I just have to talk to you and I get the feeling that there is nothing in this world I cant solve.

I love the fact that I can be myself in front of you, with no conditions or judgements. You know me in and out, including all my demons I usually hide from the rest of the world. And yet, you love me unconditionally making me love you more.

You know, I have cribbed a lot about how you are a non-romantic, practical rather than a sentimental person. But in all these years, I have realized that a good relationship needs much more than just the romance. Being understanding, supportive, showing care and affection, being helpful, having patience and being selfless is what makes a good relationship great. I am glad you are all that and much more.

Always in love.


Love is not blind

**Letter-1 of A Letter to You**

Dear S,

On the same day 6 years back, we both got engaged. Ever wondered how our lives would have been had our paths not crossed at all? I would like to believe that all stars in this universe conspired in getting us together. From the time both of joining the same school to each of us pretending as if the other one didn’t exist to meeting each other couple of years down the lane to both of us getting a new cell phone around the same time to exchanging numbers to becoming friends to becoming just more than friends and to finally share a life together.. it’s nothing short of a movie story!

Often times I wonder if love really is blind. Because it is not. I knew what I was getting into and tried to steer clear out of it. And I should say that it was a lame attempt. On one side I didn’t want to lose you and on the other side, I was afraid to let go of the ‘good girl’ title. For someone who abided by every word her parents ever uttered, it was quite a decision to follow my heart. Especially knowing what kind of consequences we (or you) would have to face. And yet, I chose to go by my heart. It surely brought down a few walls but it also raised many new walls. Am I concerned? No. Do I have regrets? BIG No. You are one of the best things to happen in my life and it was worth every bit of the fight to have my life with you.

Six years seem like a long time but I know you would agree that it went off in a whisk. Sure, we have lived and experienced so much together. All those good times, not so good moments, arguments, minor and major fights, supporting each other through thick and thin, loving each other just a bit more with every growing day – this has been our life so far. I don’t know what’s in store for us this year or anytime in future but with you on my side, I know it will be beautiful.

Always in love.