You and I, Forever

The last letter of A Letter to You

Dear S,

The D-day is here! On this very day, we decided to start our life together and entered the holy matrimony. When we fell in love with each other, we had a goal. We had to get married. We struggled a lot to get to it. And we ended up getting married. What was our plan after that? Nothing. At that moment of you tying the scared knot, I had only one thought running on my mind. I am getting married to the best person in this whole wide world and I am going to be the happiest. After six years, I can still vouch for that thought today.

Six seems to be a big number, isnt it? But why does it not feel like a long time? I know. When you enjoy something so much, you hardly feel the time passing(Newton’s theory of relativity. Heh.) That has been my life with you so far. We have had so many ups and downs but the fact that we are in it together, makes me feel very content.

As we step into another year, do I have any plans for us? No. Even as the control freak between the two of us, I feel liberated getting into this year with zero expectations. I don’t want to anticipate what’s in store for us this year or the years to come. I am stepping into this year with the hope and contentment that you are next to me and that we can withstand any challenge thrown our way.

You know, in all the letters that I have jotted down for you, I just wanted to convey this – You are very special to me. My actions need not necessarily always tell you so. The words that I utter might sound a little too harsh at times. But I know it in my heart that you know how much I love you.

Happy anniversary, S! Always in love.


Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Rail Trip, Road Trips and Lots of Fun!

I am back with loads and loads of stories from my two week vacation 🙂 Technically, this post should have been written last Monday but as always, work would be at its peak the moment one’s vacation ends right? Last week was one such week which kept me super busy! I was yearning to come back here to tell all the stories and today, I am making time between work or I guess I will never get around doing this post 🙂

Any vacation feels shorter the moment it starts, and this time I felt it grow exponential every minute. The house was full of relatives, there was no dearth of functions going on every day. Every day of that two weeks was jam packed would be an understatement. We were running errands as late as until 12th Feb though the wedding preparations started 3 months back. As such we didnt know how fast time was moving until groom’s family landed at our place on 11th and then the real drama started. We were all running as if wheels were fixed on to our feet. We were always on our toes to get anything they wanted us to – Needless to say we were full on tired at end of each day.

Meanwhile, I turned 26 🙂 It wasnt feeling like my birthday at all, for there were other important things going on and I was one of the key players preparing everything. I did get my gifts from my sister and S a day earlier only and for some reason I didnt feel quite like the bday girl 🙂 Sis got me a super cute hand bag, in spite of being so busy all through out! S first handed me a cover of about 10 nail colors, knowing how much I love them. This man always plays this trick, for any occasion my first gift from him would be a nail color and he seems interested in fuchsia for he has given me atleast 7 until now at diffferent times 🙄 While I thought this would be it, he took me out to the car at night and asked me to get something from inside it. I was wondering why only I should pick it up, when I saw a huge cover inside. The dumbo GB that I am, closed the door without guessing its a gift for me. The very next minute I opened it back to find a huge teddy bear – my first one from S 🙂 During the day, two of my BFFs wished me, while the one who calls me right at the strike of 12 every year from my childhood forgot this round 😦 It was so sweet of Visha to give a surprise call, which I could luckily pick up given the circumstances. The entire lunch party was waiting for me to serve them sweet while I was busy talking to Visha 😀 😀

Sister’s Engagement, Reception  and Wedding happened on 13th and 14th Feb,  I was on her side all the time – I mean all the time 🙂 The fact that its my wedding anniversary didnt strike at all until people started wishing me and S. It felt so special to be in my sister’s wedding on the same day, with same set of people as mine 🙂 I and S were in our wedding clothes was another coincidence 🙂 I should narrate the wedding story in a separate post! It now feels like a dream to see my little sister married and all that now 🙂

We started to the groom’s place for another reception after only a day of rest. We had a van full of luggage and this is the first time I traveled in such a big group with bags and bags of luggage. Since we were going to a village and that my sister was newly married, her MIL suggested she comes in a saree. I and sis were shocked to the core, not expecting something of this kind. Sis had to travel in a saree, her first time. I must say she managed quite well 🙂 I was at the advantageous end as my MIL was not coming with me and I am no longer newly married 😀 I was comfortable in my salwar and slept like a doll the very minute train started, that is at 8Pm 🙂 As soon as the van stopped infront of Y’s house there were atleast 20 people waiting to see the bride. While I was helping with the luggage, people mistook me for the bride and were looking at me in disbelief (that is to find me in salwar) thankfully I found it out quickly and pulled my sister out. It was a totally totally new experience for us staying there. Every minute someone peeps into the house to see my sister and her family, that is us 🙂 More on it later again!

We came back to Chennai in three days while Sister and Y left for their honeymoon. Little did we know about the all -India strike until we saw their honeymoon plans going for a toss. They were suggested minimal changes to start with and as time went by, the entire honeymoon trip got cancelled. They had to find a bus immediately and come back to Chennai. The strike was called a huge success and all that , but seeing petrol prices go up again, what was it the strike achieved except for causing major inconvenience to the public? I stayed at my ILs finally for two days, my MIL was waiting eagerly for me to land there right from the minute the wedding was over. She was highly proud of me, for taking care of so many things during the wedding and was in all praises for me. S had planned a surprise road trip to Pondicherry along with my parents and everything worked out so well. I had the most amazing time there and would do a post on it separately! Last to last Sunday, we tugged along our parents to Bangalore to stay with me for a week and this again requires another post 🙂 Today as I write this post, both S and my parents are back in Chennai and I am back to my routine life here. Sigh!

One thing, that I forgot mentioning – In all the two weeks, I was the implicit food server every time  The minute food gets prepared, I had to take over the serving business and that continued not only at my home but at the groom’s place too. Its as if I am made for that, my name got called every single time. For a person, who knew only eating all these years and never once served food – its a huge learning. Now, serving food is not that easy as there were no dining tables and trendy small casseroles. Atleast 15 people would be sitting on floor in rows and I had to carry/pull along huge paathrams of rice/sambar/rasam/curries/curd/sweet to each and every person. When the hands are job-free, mouth has to function to get the needs for each and every person and cater for them. I must say, I did a pretty good job, though by the end of all this I thought my back would remain bent only for the numbers of times I had to bend and get up 😆

Another achievement is I learnt to drape a silk saree in less than five minutes, I kid not. By end of all the celebrations, I had worn all sarees from my collection including the two new silk sarees that I bought for the wedding. I was in sarees almost all the time and considering the Chennai heat, its an achievement in itself 🙂

When everything seems just so right, something has to go wrong and that’s how it always happens with me. As soon as the wedding preparations started, I started having symptoms of flu and on the reception day, I was having  slight fever which aggravated on the wedding day – whattay a timing! I lost my voice and it resembled that of a buffalo’s. No one recognized me, if I called out to them without showing my face 😦 Most funnily  I have sung so many songs with that voice, during the celebrations. My sister sure has a strong heart 😀 Guess what, I am still recovering from the cold and cough.

I can keep on going, as I have so much to say.It’s already turned out  longer than I wanted it to be, so I better stop now and get back to my work 🙂




So… Its our Wedding Anniversary!

An year filled with lots of happiness, dreams, some worries, big & small decisions, immense care, lots of love & affection, few arguments with some fights, little adjustments & compromises – made it a perfect blend and I am loving it!!
I am falling short of words to explain how I feel today, my eyes were wet when S wished me at 12am today – Its so hard to believe we are married for an year. This is one day  I thought will never happen in my life. I had no hopes of our love and marriage being accepted by both sides of parents/family. But all of a sudden, everything fell into right places and we had our wedding on this day. We struggled a lot to reach here. Not only I and S, but both our families together. They faced all the confrontations, bitter words from the society, hatred from relatives for the sake of our happiness. I owe our happiness to all of them who made this day special for us. 
On this day, I would want to open up my heart and say a few things to S – 
  1. I love it when you cant see me with tears in my eyes.
  2. I love it when you ask me to talk and hear all the blah blah that I do.
  3. I love it when you try yourself to be punctual just because I like it that way.
  4. I love it when you sleep like a baby.
  5. I love it when you compliment me for every meal I prepare.
  6. I love it when you dont let me carry the luggage.
  7. I love it when you mess up the kitchen to prepare me something.
  8. I love it when you hear closely not wanting to miss anything that I speak.
  9. I love it when you encourage me even if I am no good at it.
  10. I love it when you are totally confused and ask me a suggestion.
  11. I love it when you understand how much my family mean to me.
  12. I love it when you say I love you 🙂
  13. I love it when you tuck me under the blanket every night.
  14. I love it when you scold me if I am stressing myself out/ unwell.
  15. I love it when you do the stuff I hate to do. 
  16. I love it when you try yourself so hard to keep up a surprise.
  17. I love it when you know my needs even before I tell you.
  18. I love it when you give up during any argument. 
  19. I love it when you take care of me like your child. 
  20. I love it when you deny me ice cream, but buy it the very next moment. 
  21. I love it when you give off your chocolate to me and enjoy watching me eat it. 
  22. I love it when you prepare me bread omelet/ maggie as soon as you reach home from office knowing I will be hungry.
  23. I love it when you massage my head when I have headache.
  24. I love it when you give me much higher preference over anything.
  25. I love it when you respect me as what I am 🙂
  26. I love it when you stand behind me for all the shopping I do. 
  27. I love it when you try to talk to my relatives in Telugu.
  28. I love it when you take me to the animated movies which I like the most.
  29. I love it when you take it cool even if I shout at you. 
  30. I love it when you solve any mathematical question as quickly as possible.
  31. I love it when you make complex calculations in your head correctly when I struggle with a calculator.
  32. I love it when you come to temple for the sake of me.
  33. I love it when you hate milk & milk products and how you react if I bring them close to you. 
  34. I love it when you calm me in the moment of tension.
  35. I love it when you are so self less and do anything for me.
  36. I love it when you call me ammu.
  37. I love it when you scold for straining myself over keeping the house clean.
  38. I love it when you act very lazy.
  39. I love it when you dont remember the important dates correctly and ask me for help.
  40. I love it when you hold my hands while crossing/walking on the road.
  41. I love it when you quickly call me and ask me to say something.
  42. I love it when you stop me talking ill of someone who hurt us, being the soft & good-hearted you are. 
  43. I love it when you do something with utmost care and concentration.
  44. I love it when you understand my problems and help me.
  45. I love it when you supported me for calling you by your name in front of the immediate family.
  46. I love it when you care for my parents as much as you do for yours.
  47. I love it when you told my mom how to take care of me while going on a foreign trip.
  48. I love it when you pretend to read something that I want you to.
  49. I love it when you dream of having a home for ourselves.
  50. I love it when you have bigger aspirations and try your best to reach there.
I should agree that there are few things that I dont so like about S. He is not at his best all the time and same with me too.. We have had our good amount of arguments and fights. All these spice up the life and is making the relationship going ahead!
Here’s wishing us many more years of happiness, love and affection together!! 
Happy First Wedding Anniversary S!! 🙂 I love you sooo much!

On other record, both of us are at office on this big day 😦 😦 But all those calls and wishes from our loved ones have touched us!! Planning to go to temple in the evening followed by the dinner somewhere – hopefully this gets executed.