Boochi Headers

1) The birdie is my pencil sketching done 2 years back completed in less than an hour.

2) Made the pizza at home, loved the color combinations.

3) Colorful daisy flowers at the Lalbagh flower show – 2011.

4) Lovely little flowers – look at the contrasts between the flowers from the same plant. 

5) My all time favorite water painting of mine with the most favorite characters – Pooh & Pig 🙂 Did it 3 years back!

6) Oil Painting of Sunset – done on canvas.

7) Oil Painting of Daffodils – A very rustic one!

My Oil Painting – Yellow Daffodils

8) Oil Painting on a paper – Amateur (very much)


37 thoughts on “Boochi Headers

  1. Absolutely loved the Pooh painting and the sparrow sketch (made in only two hours 😯 :shock:)…too good!
    Please post more of your artwork…love them 😀

    • Thank you so much ME 🙂 🙂

      The sparrow sketch was made in about 45 mins actually 🙂 I need to have that interest, I can be pretty fast sometimes 🙂

      Will surely put up more of my paintings.. got around 45 paintings and sketches so far…

  2. Love the birdie well done GB!
    Your paintings are also wow! but I don’t see the flower(s) painting which was on your header yesterday..loved that one..

  3. Gb – I don’t know why I haven’t commented on this – maybe because they really do leave me speechless !
    Beautiful work Gb – Love Pooh and the sparrow and the sunset and the daffodils – please share more and paint and sketch more okay ? Someday you must have a studio – 🙂

    • You can make me smile so easily Kismi 🙂 Thank a lot dear!

      Most of my work was a result of my solitude! Except for those daffodils.. everything was done during my lone days in B’lore. Nothing used to amuse me here. Painting and sketching were my only rescue. I was so so crazy about them and have hurt my back many a times. I have some more paintings and sketches to share. Will share them soon 🙂

      These days, I hardly find time. When there is time, I am left tired. I really should do more of this. Gives immense happiness isn’t it?

      Wow… a studio?!?! I need to work a lot for that dear.. I am no way near that dream. But one day.. that might be possible nly if I chase my dream 🙂

  4. My first time here. 🙂 Love your sketches. Pooh is so cute. and the bird is too good. You are so blessed to possess this talent.

    • Thank you so much Arch 🙂 🙂 I am not being modest.. Its really an amateur painting.. for instance, look at the pillayar’s hand holding the laddu.. its stretched like a fan 😦 and I didnt paint the background too. Its an A4 sheet even now 🙂

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