For love

Letter-4 of A Letter to You

Dear S,

We share a million memories together and every single one is special to me. But on days like today when I am feeling low, there are some extra special memories that make me feel very warm and happy. So I am going to remind you of one such special moment that will stay etched in my memory forever.

It was one of the toughest years since we got married. We were surrounded by more number of issues than we could ever imagine. Everyone and everything tested our patience. On top of all this, we were not staying together. After struggling through a sea of hardships, our only resort would be the weekend. We both would wait with bated breath for the much needed weekend, catching up with each other’s lives. As it happened, one Friday evening you called me to tell that you couldn’t start to Bangalore as planned and that you would come see me the next week. I must tell you that was the lowest point of my life. Yes, I did let you pursue your dreams. I was ready to follow your path of hardships. But on that day, I hated you. For not being ordinary. For not sticking with your regular day job. For leaving me helpless. I must have cried half of the night and by the end of it, I had fallen asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I felt miserable. Not because you were not there with me but for the kind of person I had become. I made up my mind to spend the weekend by myself and not to cause you anymore stress than what you were already facing.

And then I heard the doorbell. I swear I could have had my heart in my hands for my heartbeat was too loud. To see you at the door at that moment is the highest point of my life. You drove through the night, with no breaks on the highway just to be with me.. I was am speechless. I hugged you and cried for a long time but those were the tears of happiness.

You remind me time and again of why I fell in love with you and stay in love with you forever!

Always in love.

5 thoughts on “For love

  1. Dear GB,

    I so enjoyed reading each of your letters. May you and S be blessed with lots of love and happiness always!!

    What I got out of your letters is how well you articulated many aspects of life, of emotional growth, of love and of relationships…they were beautiful and powerful.


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