Letter-3 of A Letter to You

Dear S,

Today it’s going to be about me ok? Every letter I have written to you in the past is either about us or about you in particular. Who is going to talk about me, especially since you don’t like writing at all? Even at the risk of tooting my own horn, I want to talk about me today.

Remember Mobile Networks? Software Testing? Digital Signal Processing? Microprocessors? Never mind, if you remember any of your Engineering papers, you have to agree that you got through most of them due to my constant pestering. The number of times I bugged you to answer all the questions and not to be lazy while writing the answers – that’s why you have your degree now 😀 So you see my constant nagging and pestering is not all bad.

This world is not always rosy and pink. Everyone you meet need not necessarily be a good person. Never give benefit of doubt to anyone when there is a personal risk involved. Don’t trust anyone blindly. Don’t help anyone at a personal cost. There are no flying elephants in this world. Yes, some of the many gems that spill out of my mouth regularly. Now tell me how would you manage without this kind of wisdom in your life?!

As much as I have admired your positive take towards everything in life, it surely has bugged me at times. You don’t have to be a pessimist but remember to take decisions considering both sides of the coin. . It is easy to get carried away looking at only the positive outcome. My negative spin on stuff has saved us both a lot of heartache.

I am a drama queen. I make a lot of fuss for silly stuff. I seek attention. I demand your love and affection. I argue and fight with you just for the sake of it. I love being silly. I like throwing fits and tantrums. But don’t you agree that your life is colorful ‘cos of all these things? What’s fun in acting all responsible and grown up!

And all the food I cook for you! I have lost count of the number of new dishes and cuisines have I introduced you to in all these years. You might feel like an experimental rat at times it is out of pure love for you that I treat you like a king when it comes to food. So don’t stare at me when I serve you an extra spoon of rice next time 😀

Yes, I am inpatient. I am short tempered. I am a sentimental fool. I am possessive. I am demanding. I am difficult. I might not be the bestest person in the world. I come with my own set of flaws. I am imperfect, I know. And yet, you make me feel special. Our relationship equation works because of who we are!

Always in love.



4 thoughts on “Me

  1. Ah! What a beautiful series this is. I read all three letters in one go. Your letter about you left me feeling like you are so similar to me, minus your artistic side of course.
    May the warmth of your relationship keep you both blooming and ‘always in love’ ❤️

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