Letter-2 of A Letter to You

Dear S,

I have written you letters in the past, on special occasions and birthdays, counting my blessings every single time. This letter is about YOU. All the things that make YOU for me. Those things that make me fall in love with you every single day even after all these years.

Love can make someone selfish. But not you. From the time you get up in the morning to the time you go to sleep, every single thing you do is in my best interest. How can you be so selfless unlike me?

I have been mad at you so many times for the way you push me for certain things. Even when I think that I don’t have it in me, you tell me otherwise. When I finally end up finishing that task, I would be left astonished how I managed to do it.

In all these years you never treated me lady like. You consider me as your equal as in a proper equal. You wouldn’t think twice about getting into a fist fight or a kick boxing show with me. At times I have taken offense at it too but for the most part, I love doing these things with you. I could have never shed my inhibitions if not for you.

I don’t know how our life would have been if not for your ever positive attitude. You take every single thing in your stride and look at the positive stuff however minute that might be. At times I would be left fascinated with how you perceive things so differently compared to me. For someone like me brimming with negative thoughts, it is a welcome change looking at things from your perspective. I just have to talk to you and I get the feeling that there is nothing in this world I cant solve.

I love the fact that I can be myself in front of you, with no conditions or judgements. You know me in and out, including all my demons I usually hide from the rest of the world. And yet, you love me unconditionally making me love you more.

You know, I have cribbed a lot about how you are a non-romantic, practical rather than a sentimental person. But in all these years, I have realized that a good relationship needs much more than just the romance. Being understanding, supportive, showing care and affection, being helpful, having patience and being selfless is what makes a good relationship great. I am glad you are all that and much more.

Always in love.


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