The one where it ends..

Today is the last day of blogathon and can you believe it?! As they say all good things come to an end and so has this blogathon. I am both happy and sad at the same time. Happy that I don’t have to think of a topic every day, panicking that I might miss the post for the day or wouldn’t be able to catch up with my reader feed. But.. but.. I am quite sad that this craziness has come to an end. I loved looking forward to writing something on my dear blog every day and getting to read all my favorite bloggers again.

Blogathon was not even on my mind this year until Maya checked with me if I were joining. To be honest, I was not sure if I should take part. “I really want to say yes, but…” this is how I responded back. For the first time I was doubtful if I would be able to post all 31 days. Maya being super sweet asked me to blog for as many days as possible and relaxed the rules further by adding in my food blog too! Then I made up my mind and decided that I am joining the blogathon and I am finishing it properly too.

So here I am, at the end of this mad crazy insane blogging fest and actually feeling bad that it is ending. I made up more than a few cheat posts, posted three scheduled posts, did one tag post and blabbered through the rest of the posts. More than anything I loved reading a bunch of my favorite blogs throughout the day. On most days I tried my best to comment on all the posts I read but missed out badly on replying to the comments I got on my posts. One would think that after 4 years of taking part in this blogathon, one would master the art of balancing writing, reading, commenting and replying. No, it is not at all easy – atleast for me.

A big yay and congrats to all of us who have come so far! Hugs and more hugs for those who had to leave in between! As is every year, here is a little treat for you guys to enjoy virtually. In return promise me that you will actively blog for the rest of the year 😀



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