No means No

Those of you who thought this is about the movie Pink, sorry! I am not writing any sensible posts and am sticking to that rule!

I am a sweet toothed person and the whole world knows about it. I can eat sweet after sweet without complaining even once. There is nothing as too much sweet for me. So when I am home, I look for something sweet to fill my mouth right after any meal. Yes, including the breakfast. S on the other hand is totally opposite to me. He has no dessert urges as such and most of the time would take a bite just to give me company.

In the last year or so, it has almost become a habit ritual to indulge in a piece of chocolate right after going to bed. We don’t load up snacks or other unhealthy eatables at home but somehow chocolates find their way into our fridge. Blame it on my sister, some team mates and friends – we had a bag full of Lindt chocolates in our freezer. Every other day, I would pick out a flavor, set it out to defrost and then share it with S at night.

One of the days when I was particularly enthusiastic about my health, I told S that we should cut back on junk eating. On further analyzing it came down to that piece of chocolate at night. I told S to do whatever it takes to stop this habit and duly forgot about it. A week into it, we never touched a chocolate. Last night I had a major chocolate craving. I turned excitedly towards S and asked him if we could have one chocolate. He said no. I was taken aback. I wanted my chocolate and didnt think that the husband would say no. I bugged him. I pleaded with him. I threatened him. I cajoled him. I again threatened him. I blackmailed him. He kept saying No means No. Sigh.

I should have known that one of these days my own words would come back to bite me.


7 thoughts on “No means No

  1. I am going through this too. Its after lunch at work and my savior is my next seat girl. Every time I tell her that I want a chocolate now she says a firm No and I try to take that No serious.. Let’s just listen to them GB. The weighing scale moment will surely thank them 🙂

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