Of looks and changes

Every few days google assistant comes up with our pictures from years ago with the tag “same day, xxxx year” and I get transported to those olden times of how I looked, often comparing that picture with my present day self.

A decade ago if someone had told me I would have short hair or wear jeans and a tee, I would have laughed at their face. Growing up, the most modern dress I got to wear was a skirt, that too ankle length. I had a couple of them that I treasured a lot. Never owned a pair of pants or even tracks until I moved to Bangalore. My first pair of jeans happened because I had to wear one for my team outing. Now don’t laugh at me when I say this. I went into a shop, asked for a blue jean and got one for 400rs in the men’s section that had to be trimmed in length. I didn’t even know there were jeans specifically for girls, so that’s how knowledgeable I was fashion wise.

I owned my first set of make up while getting married. I precisely used it for a couple of times during the wedding and let the rest of it expire/dry up. The fact that I still have all those preserved for keep-sake, is a whole different story. I came to Bangalore with a tube of Fair & Lovely, a Kohl pencil and a bottle of eyeliner that worked best for making my bindi.

I got my first ever hair cut after a month of getting married. I still remember the shock on my dad’s and MIL’s faces on seeing how short my hair was. That was also the first time I couldn’t plait my hair. Nevertheless I tied it. So even after moving to Bangalore, I oiled and combed my hair to a plait every single day.

Flash forward to now. I own more than a couple of pairs of jeans and a handful of tracks. I have a few tees and a bunch of tops! Few years ago, I wouldn’t have dared stepping out of the house in a t-shirt but now, I feel comfortable and not awkward wearing one.

I got two shades of proper lipsticks and wore it to work on many good days. My make-up had a revamp thanks to these minor additions. Otherwise, it is still the basic cream, kohl and eyeliner for bindi. I don’t know if I will explore more or have the patience/time to try it out every day but for someone like me, it is a big step to even wear lipstick to work.

In November last year, the sister and I got a haircut done together and my hair was cut much shorter. For a couple of days, I let my hair free at work and didn’t feel awkward. I had to constantly make sure I didn’t like a zombie which was difficult but I loved doing that. It was a startling change from how I regularly tie my hair that many noticed and a few complimented too.

I have come a long way. I am glad I am trying new things without feeling overly conscious or awkward. There are far many number of things I want to try or do but don’t feel ready yet. Probably I should let go and give a couple of them a trial 🙂

7 thoughts on “Of looks and changes

  1. I second Thariani. 🙂
    Ahhh that Google assistant. This post made to analyze my changes too.
    Thanks to the sport I was playing so venturing out other clothes was pretty easy, but they became part and parcel of my life only after coming to US. Errr make up and hair, its zip zero nada till now as I have super sensitive skin and curly hair. I cut my hair short (that too step cut) after kiddo was born. But even then I was tying it up. Thanks to those unruly bangs. I never had lengthy hair, but still I couldn’t let me hair free.

  2. Hah.. we have some connection, GB. BD and I were discussing about our in-laws’ house warming ceremony that took place 6 years back as google was reminding us. I read your post right after our discussion 🙂

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