“I want to hide myself in a room and not come out of it ever” – this is what I blurted out to S last evening. He was slightly taken back as we were out and laughed it off saying, our bedroom is a perfect hide-out. I smiled along, even though this was not some passing thought. On some days, my urge to hide into a cocoon is stronger compared to the other days.

There is something bothering me. Not one, but many things. On some I can put my finger and some are not mentionable. And this constant struggle in my head, weighing different options, making decisions, assessing the impact, re-analyzing everything from scratch – this whole exercise is just very draining both physically as well as mentally.

How I wish I could take life as it comes..

10 thoughts on “Cocoon

  1. Good luck to you, girl. I think over time i have become a tad better at taking life as it comes. Still a long way to go, but I feel happy with baby steps. Hope you get there soon too..

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