How every mall visit is such a waste..

..did I tell you that we successfully spent the last evening in the mall, not buying what we had to buy? No? Let me tell you now.

So the last evening was spent in a mall, much to my agony. We have stopped going anywhere crowded unless there is an absolute reason. Yesterday I had to buy new slippers and one mall visit had to be put up. There were at least 6 footwear stores and I found no one pair of footwear that was comfortable or good to look at it. On the other hand, S found a good pair of shoes *that is after scrutinizing every single pair of shoes that were ever there*

And no mall visit is complete without bringing home something that is not needed and was planned for. As true mall-goers of Bangalore, we came home with an aroma diffuser. Except that I am in love with it 🙂 I am very sensitive to smells (good or bad) – be it perfumes, deos, room sprays, room fresheners or car fresheners. Over these years, S must have tried a 100 different ideas but nothing has worked with me. I find the fragrance too strong and get allergic. We have disposed off way too many car fresheners from various brands. So, he was very skeptical *and yet slightly happy* when I picked up this aroma diffuser.

As we lit it last night, the room was mildly aromatic in a sweet sort of way and seeing the candle light dance, casting its beautiful shadows was a sight to watch. So I might not have slippers to wear tomorrow to office, but do have an aroma diffuser that is so beautiful 🙂


6 thoughts on “How every mall visit is such a waste..

  1. lol that’s my mall story too. You are not alone. M says I am the expert in having a precise list before going to the mall and not tick even one item after spending an entire day at the mall 🙂 That diffuser looks exotic..

  2. Hahaha, sounds like the story of my life. Every mall visit brings home things that were never intended for. But yes, at times items like this diffuser find their way out of nowhere and bring a lot of happiness. It is really beautiful GB, glad that you finally found a way to fill your home with aroma without affecting you adversely.

  3. True that malls are a real waste !
    I think the only time we visit malls are for watching movies 😊
    Otherwise, we have been going to the specific store that we are interested in !

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