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I don’t think twice about writing mundane stuff that revolves around our day-to-day lives and have not hesitated to write about my family too. Rarely I talk rant about my office or my extended family but brace yourselves as one big melt down is happening right now and I might write about one more in the coming days.

There is no denying that money rules this world. And I for one wouldn’t be too quick to say that there are important things than money in our lives. Yes! Happiness, family, love, yada yada are much more important but when there is no money, all these vanish too. Growing up in a typical middle class family, I knew the value of money very early in life.

Money was never enough although we children never knew about it firsthand. I have talked a number of times on how our needs were always provided and wants, mostly satisfied. I feel privileged to have experienced a memorable childhood, despite money issues. But the fact that we never had it abundance made me the person I am today, I guess.

Things are not the same as they were a decade ago. I still remember coming to Bangalore on a debt of 10,000rs from a close friend of my dad. I duly paid it up with my first month’s salary and I would eternally be grateful to that uncle for his timely help. Thankfully, we are in a much better shape today and that didn’t happen overnight, neither did we hit a lottery.

I am so irritated today with how some of our relatives look at us. As per their logic, we are doing well that they think they are entitled to our money. And this is not a single incident. We have to buy a gold chain, can you give us Rs.X? We have to buy a bike, can you give us Rs.Y? There is no end to these requests. As soon as dad retired, all these said relatives swarmed our house to know what is being done to his retirement money. And almost all got offended to know that they don’t get a part of it. I mean.. hello!

Today my dad is a pensioner and yet, he somehow is in that elite circle of people who grows money on a tree. I am so bugged by these people who think they can make some quick, easy money by playing the love, family and sympathy card. While my dad himself walks anywhere, doesn’t take a cab even if we force him, goes to the wholesale market that is KMs away to buy veggies to save a rupee or two, these people ask him for 1000s, just like that.

I don’t even want to talk about those who took the money and are nowhere to be seen now. The minute my dad says no to anyone, we all become those evil people who in spite of having money wouldn’t help their family. But what these people don’t understand is every penny saved is hard-earned. Often times, the sister and I end up fighting with dad over these issues and these so-called-relatives. We have turned down anyone with genuine reasons – be it hospital bills, school issues or other emergencies. But to just like that ask money as if we are running a bank, I am fuming. There really is no end to this drama every 15 days.

I might come across as a stone-hearted person for saying this but I am protective of my hard-earned money. Is it so wrong? Also I don’t care for those relatives who are after us only for the monetary benefits. Tomorrow, if are in need of some money, none of these people would be anywhere near and we would be left to suffer, isnt it?


11 thoughts on “Money Money

  1. Asking money because they want to buy a gold chain! Too much man. So glad you stand firm. I think this world is always looking out for victims to exploit 😦

  2. I completely understand what you’re saying… we had a lot of such relatives trying to take advantage of my mum just after my dad passed away …. I don’t really care if the world calls me insensitive but I won’t have people taking advantage of my parents either … it’s good you were able to reason with your dad … parents are sometimes naive especially when it comes to close relationships….

  3. That is too much, i guess each family have such handful of people and experiences are similar. The story goes like this, there is this person (let’s say Ani) who always gives money to this beggar, and the other (Let’s say Muni) who never gives any . Once Ani did not give the money, and beggar say what a terrible person you are for not giving him money. When Muni gives once in a blue moon to beggar , Muni get’s all the praise for being so generous.
    I get other demands as I live in united states, like – get a laptop, or a smart phone or want money for vacation with friends, see these are all luxuries and not necessities and I ended up giving in some instances and when it got too much, I had to put my foot down and asked them to pay for it in order for me to buy them. Glad, you are taking a stand on this. It goes a long way, break the habit before it strains any relationships.

  4. I firmly believe lending and borrowing money ruins relationships. I’ve seen it happen far too many times, and when it is someone close to you, it becomes so awkward to even ask.
    Fortunately I haven’t been asked for a loan of cash/jewellery too many times, but the few times I’ve been asked, I simply say ‘Sorry, I don’t believe in lending things.’ Smile and talk about something else.

    I’d rather handle a few minutes of awkwardness than deal with getting money back from a friend/relative.

    But yeah, I totally understand what you mean. How can someone even ask, unless its an emergency?!!

  5. The mentality of feeling entitled to another individuals money is rampant in South Asia. So many people won’t spare a dollar but will ask another for a hundred.

    Learned never to lend money because my parents were people who couldn’t say no and ruined their own worklife(20 years abroad) and health paying off loans that they borrowed for others. Nor did they save for their children or their own future.

    You have the right attitude. Don’t let it go.

  6. Have had similar experiences from relatives. They think we earn loads of money especially if we are having a corporate job. All they want is to exploit. Don’t give in to their ridiculous needs and after some time, they would stop asking.

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