..does the weekend go off so fast?

..is that waking up on a working day so so so difficult?

..do people find it so hard to follow traffic rules?

..are there so many idiots on the road?

..are some people still wishing happy new year?

..does the line we stand in doesnโ€™t move?

..is losing weight not as easy as gaining it?

..do some people make it their lifetime goal to point out other mistakes?

..do I keep looking for food props wherever I go?

..is so difficult to say NO?

..do some people poke their noses into other lives?

..does it feel like the new year just started but is already 16 days old?

..do I feel like I want another vacation right after this Pongal break?

..does Puli Kuzhambu taste super awesome the next day?

..dont I find a properly writing pen when I am in dire need of it?

..do people always end up fighting while standing in queues?

..am I writing this post?


6 thoughts on “Why..

  1. That’s a great list of ‘whys’ GB and I could relate to them all in one way or the other. Hope you have a relaxed week ahead and get that much wished for vacation ๐Ÿ™‚

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