On December 1st last year, S and I took off from work and visited Bannerghatta zoo. For the 4th time. The work stress was piling upon us and we hardly had any break. On an impulse, we both took off and wanted to relax for a day. My camera which was subjected to a lot of food, yearned for something else and a zoo trip seemed better.

We started from home after the office hours in the hope of beating the traffic but ended up getting stuck anyways. We utilized the time to listen to some songs and sing along. It was a perfect day neither being too hot nor too cloudy. We finally reached the zoo at the lunch hour. I had packed some Puliyodarai, S got some potato chips and our lunch was sorted out. We (read me) quickly stuffed ourselves in the excitement of seeing the animals.

From what I remember four years ago, things had changed at the zoo. And not everything in the good way. Every animal had multiple sponsors and yet, the state of the cage or the animal itself was in not so good state. As we kept passing through different enclosures, this feeling only got worse. I knew I was going to a zoo and I knew animals are kept in captivation, yet it was disheartening to see those poor animals. The empty cages, made me think a lot. What had happened to those animals?

I was very eager to look at the elephants and the sight of them brought me tears. With hardly any place to move, three elephants were chained heavily to the trees. Every elephant was trying hard to move and reach its food. After a couple of minutes, I didn’t have the stomach for it anymore.

S got his paisa-vasool by watching all kinds of snakes. For the first time ever, almost all snakes were out. I was grossing out at the very thought of looking at the snakes up close and S kept calling out to me in excitement. Reluctantly I watched every snake for 1.5689 secs before running away.

We consciously didn’t go for the jungle safari only ‘cos those animals always seemed very unhappy during our previous visits. It is a forest alright but having subjected to vehicles every 5 mins, the animals never look or feel at peace. Now after this trip to the zoo, I would probably not go back at all. What I imagined to be a day drip ended in about an hour.

Here are some photos –


Beautiful white peacock!


Egret looking for it’s prey


A kind of pelican?


Painted Stork.. looking for a fish!




Aren’t these crocodiles looking like statues?!


Wild cat, giving me the stink eye 😀


Brahminy Kite, spotted by chance!


Falcon, can you pls turn around?


Arranged in ascending order 😀


Errrr… Paaambu :O 


Colored chicks, soon to be snakes’ prey 😦 😦


Ostrich up close 


What a big bird, this ostrich.



Chained elephant 😦 😦


Spotted deer!


Looking for its food in a dustbin, sigh 😦


This little fawn!


Owl.. up close.


That restless tiger?


That resting tiger!


Look at me in the eye…


One with the side pose 😛



12 thoughts on “Zoo

  1. Wow…awesome pics. We went there just before Christmas. Since we had two monkeys with us (read as kids), I didn’t dare to take the camera. These are certainly very beautiful pictures indeed.

  2. Wow! What amazing pictures 👌
    So glad you guys chose to take a break midst the wildlife. Totally agree that the animals in the safari appear pretty sad and disturbed just like those in the zoo. The life in captivity can’t be a happy one!

  3. That is not a painted stork! Its not a falcon! its a hornbill! not a egret a heron! above the elephant is paradise flycatcher! was it captive or free btw?

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