Of comments and likes

Long long ago when I created this blog, I had no visitors. Although my blog was public and was available for anyone to read, I hardly expected anyone. Writing was something I wanted to explore, especially after reading blogs (anonymously) for over a year. So, I started this blog as a journal. I remember sending the links of my first few posts to my close circle of friends. Come to think of it now, it seems stupid. The naïve me didn’t think twice about protecting my privacy but soon enough I realized what had happened and thankfully by then, people no longer remembered my blog.

Even after a few months of having a blog, I didn’t connect with anyone. Sole reason being I was not sure if my blog was share-worthy. And one fine day, I got a comment from My Era. I was pleasantly surprised and felt happy to have someone visit my blog regularly. I moved my blog to wordpress and connected with like-minded people and made some pretty good friends. It warms my heart to think of all those virtual friends (you know who you are) who have stood by me during the not-so-good times in my life.

There came a phase in my blogging journey where I looked forward to the comments and likes. Every like and comment seemed like a reward. An assurance that there was someone out there interested to read what I write. Next came the phase where the likes and comments came down – it is also the phase where I missed my favorite bloggers. Every one of us where caught up with different things in life and soon, I saw that my interest on blogging came down drastically too. Every few weeks I would think about it without coming to any conclusion.

I revived my food blog in 2015 and started posting frequently over there. Soon enough what I realized was that my food blogging circle needs working out too. I made new friends, got to know about different cuisines and different cooking styles. When all of us this was happening, I also realized that I no longer needed rewards in the form of likes or comments. Yes, every like and comment still mattered but I didn’t look forward to it. When I was blogging for myself, why does it matter what others think? In the blogging world, you get a like for like and a comment for comment. That is the hard truth and I learnt it while food blogging. Nothing wrong with it, as no one has the leisure time any more to read, like and comment. So I stopped associating the success of my blog based on comments/likes.

And just like, I entered the zen-zone of blogging. Today I read something because I love to, not because I have to. I visit my favorite blogs, enjoy reading their posts, like and comment without expecting any returns. That brought back the peace and independence I had all those years ago when I had no visitors at all. To not go behind the stats is liberating, strangely.

22 thoughts on “Of comments and likes

  1. I’m still struggling with the nuances.. No visitors, no comments. This is indeed a tough place to get attention, with so much bloggers craving a niche is tough, but I haven’t given up as yet.. Maybe someday I too would find my destination. I too would get some comments as to how to be maybe better..
    You are the best.. Keep going

    • Arre.. why are yoi worrying about followers? One look at your blog and i am compelled to follow. There are so many recipes that i would love to try. I crave and die for those one pot and quick fix recipes. I now wish i have seen your blog days earlier. I could’ve made use of them at home.
      Don’t worry, keep up the work. Likes and comments will follow. Make sure you tag your posts and visit like minded ppl and make blog friends. You’ll soon be there😊

  2. Try telling that one brownie reward for each comment, I would create some 50 WordPress accounts for each member in my family.

    Ok that was a joke. You write beautifully. Your posts are very honest which I love.

    Ok, sending brownies as a reward is not that bad an idea ehehehe

  3. I am honestly so thankful for the ‘like’ button, GB. Most of the time I don’t know what to comment on most posts. So I just go click the ‘like’ button because I have nothing to add. Sometimes I wonder if people will think I am being snobbish but the fact is I don’t know what to comment. Also, I talk to most people who blog now in WA or real life and I don’t find the need to comment on their blogs. Then sometimes there are other posts that are too personal for me to be comfortable commenting on them. I don’t think I’ll understand this ‘commenting etiquette’. Sigh. 😐

    • Am with you Maya 🙂 And I would rather not leave a comment than writing something just for the sake of it. I have at least a 100 examples from the food blogging world where people dont even read a word and yet, leave a comment *either because I left a comment at their site or they expect a comment in return* Sigh.

  4. I may not be in the zen zone but i still think that you don’t get a like for a like or a comment for a comment. I don’t expect that!
    While i expect ppl to respond to my comments with a response, I don’t expect them to cone and visit my blog. Zen zone or not, it is true when you said, blogging is liberating when you do it out of love for words and thoughts. ☺

    • You wouldnt believe how it works in the food blogging world, Sahasra. I cringe at the thought of immediately getting a like/comment after I leave a like/comment at someone’s blog. Having no expectations helps, really 🙂 And yes, when blogging is out of love for thoughts and words, it is liberating.

  5. I hear you :), writing for self is more important than for others 🙂 and I just do that. I love your food blog and definitely made handful of recipes from there and of course I like this blog too. I may not leave a comment but I’ve read almost all your posts and enjoy reading them. Also, I look forward for your posts in the month of January.

  6. Your blog is always a joy to read. You write beautifully and as SS said there is honesty in your writing which we can feel. I am one of your fans but I am the first one in the line. I always wonder about your talents. Writing, cooking, painting, craft AND you have a full time job too. I love you, GB.

  7. I can relate to what you are saying.. there have been days when I used to be a frequent visitor of statscounter but now I don’t even remember when I logged in last.. we all have moved to the next level I guess 🙂 happy to have found your blog and connect with you GB 🙂

  8. Your blog is among my all time favorite blog’s, that I read often even when I might miss to comment (blame Feedly for it cause it often makes it difficult for me to comment on a mobile device).
    Love the amazingly artistic and supremely hard-work you have been putting in on your food blog.
    I agree, blogging does follow ‘you scratch my back and scratch yours’ which is really tough to keep up after a while. So glad you’ve struck a balance in blogging and now write as you please.
    More power to you GB ❤

  9. Thanks so much for sharing this, I can completely relate to it. I am new to the blogging world and sadly agree, we do often rely on the number of likes and comments to place value on our words and works. Luckily, there is something freeing in just reading and writing for the enjoyment of it and nothing else.

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