Our Walk and Talk

Once upon a time I used to look forward to our every day morning walks. Everyone knows I am the talker of the family and S, the listener. S’s idea of talking is to make a ‘hmmm’ sound at appropriate places while I talk nonstop. I just have to share anything and everything with him, be it the day’s happenings or family stuff or other random things I learn through twitter. And I have no reservations when it comes to talking. The minute I am awake, I start talking. S on the other hand, needs cajoling to wake up and then needs his time to warm up. He doesn’t talk for the first 15 or 20 mins even after being completely awake. So, one can imagine our morning walks. While S warms up to the morning, I talk nonstop for the entire hour. Although I love this setup, on some days it gets to my head that my husband doesn’t talk much and I start pestering to tell me something. The poor guy would be caught unawares and spend the rest of time thinking of something significant to tell me. This wait would kill me and I would end up being a complete drama queen telling off S that he doesn’t love me. In the end it takes a good deal of talking from S to get me off the high horse.

Thankfully, all of this is in the past. Blame it on the hectic work and our crazy schedules every day, we had to put a stop to our morning walk ritual. For a long time it was bothering me – I didn’t miss the walk as such, as we both had our individual workout sessions. It was the ‘we’ time and the talk that I missed the most. On many days, S comes home after 9 in the night. So that meant, we hardly had any chance to talk at all. One of the days when I expressed this to S, he asked me to get ready for a walk. It was well past 10.30 in the night. Without batting an eyelid, I agreed and that’s how our night walks began.

Most of the nights the roads are empty – no honking vehicles and rushing crowd. Battling the cool freezing breeze, S and I walk hand in hand discussing the day’s events. On some nights, we see other couples on the road, snuggling up in their bikes or sitting so close together with no concern for the outside world. We smile to ourselves imagining our good old days and how far we have come together.

And on some nights, we stop for an ice cream. Yes, in the biting cold. I have enjoyed the best sort of ice creams last year walking on empty roads close to midnight. Unlike the mornings, S is at his chirpiest best at nights and that means, a lot of conversation. I remember going to bed with a smile on my face many nights and what more can I ask?

Over the last year I have realized a lot of stuff. Romance isn’t always as shown in movies. Life is not always rosy and when two individuals live together, no matter what there will be difference of opinions, arguments and compromises. The willingness to make constant amendments for each other, trying to make each other happy keeps the relationship going high. And that’s what love is all about.

12 thoughts on “Our Walk and Talk

  1. Marriage is about discovering and re discovering each other. I went back in time thinking about our times of sitting and chatting in the terrace of our apartment with hot chocolates. 🙂

  2. nailed it.. “The willingness to make constant amendments for each other, trying to make each other happy keeps the relationship going high. And that’s what love is all about.”.. can’t agree more on this GB..

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