Hobby, of a different kind

Every time I tell someone that my husband and I are schoolmates or classmates, I get a lot of raised eyebrows. After that no matter how much I try, they assume that we were one of those infatuated high on hormones teenagers who fell in love. NO. Our actual encounter happened much later in life.

When I met S on the day that changed my life forever, he was on his way to tuition. Not as a student but as a teacher. S loves teaching. Ever since I have known him, he has tutored at least one student a year. Even as a college student himself, he had his tuition classes every day. First, he could help his family in whatever little way possible with the extra money. And then, it helped him keep his passion in maths and science updated.

Even during our wedding shopping, we had to plan it around his weekend tuition classes. Unlike other hobbies, teaching means commitment. There is a family that has trusted you to help with their kid. And the kid looks forward to these classes, where things are segmented down and given to him/her in an easier format. It involves a lot of preparation too – From preparing question papers to correcting answer sheets to keep yourself updated with the syllabus and such like. The end result is not always about marks. S tells me that if we can instill the joy of learning new things in those kids and perk up their interest in studies, that’s a good enough result.

With S moving to Bangalore, he had to let go of his hobby. He was fish out of water in the new locality. Time and again, he would tell me how he missed teaching stuff. Often times, I would become the victim. Tell me Bernouli’s theorem, he would ask me. After blinking hard for a full minute, I would tell him that I no longer remember it. He would patiently explain the same. And the saga repeated every few days/weeks with different question blasts.

Couple of months back, I was mighty irritated with how he was glued to the TV all the time and decided to give him a pep talk on hobbies. He listened to me blabber nonstop and then declared that he is going to go back to teaching. He signed up at a tutoring app and was immediately allocated a student. 3 times a week (including a Saturday) S goes teaching a student privately, that is after his regular day job. At times, he has to juggle a lot. Sudden issues at work, extended calls and then, our schedules. But I have not seen him complain even once. That’s what a hobby does to you. When you do something you really love, there is no space for anything else.

More than a decade ago when S started teaching, it might have been about money as well but now not anymore. S feels so passionate about this and when he is really excited, he makes big plans. About joining as a part time teacher at some place. About opening up a tuition center. About having a lot of students learn maths and science, the fun way.

As much as I want to fully support him, I don’t know if any of this is possible on top of what we both do in a day. Hopefully someday, S.


20 thoughts on “Hobby, of a different kind

  1. You nailed it – “When you do something you really love, there is no space for anything else.” Kudos to S for picking this great hobby. Keep rocking you both.

  2. This is a wonderful post…. I think it’s important in a relationship that each of us have separate hobbies and both respect and encourage the other… and both of you do a wonderful job of supporting each other !! Best wishes to S for turning his hobby to a bigger venture some day !!

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