Issshtory time…

You all know how much I love stories right? Don’t worry, I am not going to tell you a story right away. Here is the twist. Let’s all build one story together.  Yes, I am suttufying SS’s blogathon story tag and making it my own 😀

The rules are simple –

1. You cannot end the story.

2. You can introduce as many characters as you want but cannot kill a character.

3. You can change the genre anytime from romance to thriller to mystery to comedy.

4. The story-part should have 50-100 words.

5.If you don’t want to continue, feel free to tag someone else or me again.

6. Before starting your part give a link to the previous part, something like this “..Continued from here”  and attach the link.

7. If possible, add the link to your post in the comments section here.

And if you wish to be included in this tag, pls feel free to contact me or Summerscript so that it can be passed on accordingly.  We want this story to flourish by the end of blogathon, so pls pls help the same.

Here goes mine –


Chandra walked into the house with a heavy bag. She knew what awaited her at the other side of the door. She had been planning this trip meticulously for over a few weeks now. Alas nothing should go wrong. Should I turn back and walk away? This question was haunting her ever since she sat on that dreaded passenger train last evening.

In her late 20s, Chandra had much to worry about. Her boring job, horrible boss, non-existent love life and the constant when-are-you-getting-married questions from literally everyone. She wanted to run away from everything and do that one thing that truly made her happy. One fine day, she had had enough. She opened a new tab on Google Chrome and started typing ‘Indian Paranormal Society’. Little did she know that she would end up in a small village in Rajasthan in a few weeks looking for the impossible and improbable.

The rusting leaves, skin pinching cold breeze, strangely bright moon lit night and the distant barking of a dog added to the eerie of the night. Chandra knocked on the door twice.


With this I pass on the baton to the overly talented Summerscript.



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