As much as I would like to deny it, it is a sad fact that I am getting forgetful. No, still not forgetful about any incidents or days or the dates or people – just things. I seem to have lost my memory *selectively* about where certain things are placed around the house. I would have really liked this forgetfulness to work the other way round.

There were a couple of incidents here and there that I brushed off as a coincidence but losing track of one’s passport is a strong enough reason to accept the truth. I searched the lows and highs of the house but to no avail. I could have slowly and gently asked my dad if for any reason it is stuck in Chennai but I would have to get scolding for the rest of my life, so I kept turning the entire house upside down. This is a great task to start your Saturday with. While there is a panic and all that, I have also unearthed a whole lot of stuff that I had no idea existed. Yes. In my own house.

S has a brand new watch now. I have a load of silverware from small cups to agarbathi stand to deepams to kumkum bharinas to a gift set of shankam & chakram. I probably should have dumped these gifts from our wedding on the day we purchased this cupboard and promptly forgot about it. And then, I unearthed hotel & restaurant bills from our honeymoon trip. I am now very knowledgeable with what we ate during our honeymoon 😀 From chocolate wrappers to old movie tickets, everything is still intact.

In other words, our house is cluttered. There are things and there are some more things. In the process, we have forgotten what we have had or where we have put it safely. Given that neither of us assess our things regularly to throw away the unnecessary, we are officially packed to the brim. In our previous house, we just had one loft and couldn’t stash much. In this house, we have managed to fill up not one or two but 4 large lofts. Why do we have so much stuff?! And how much of it is useful now?! GB is going to find out today.

That’s it. My mind is made up. Today I am de-cluttering. I am going to ruthlessly throw away stuff that we have not touched in the last one year. As much as I dread doing this, I have to attack my wardrobe which has clothes as old as my college days. I am going to detach myself from these material things as long as I have the memories.

Wish me luck guys! And for those of you wondering, yes I did find my passport and along with it some old boarding passes too. *crie*


9 thoughts on “Cluttered

  1. All the best. I like doing it. Until few years back I also had stuff you mentioned above. Some of the items were not with us but we had the bills and user manuals.
    Don’t think before you throw unwanted things. This ‘edhukkum agum’ thought is the first enemy.

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