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One could call this a  cheat post but I am going to get by posting about our New Year’s eve and New Year celebrations at home. Yes, we stayed put at home, had home-cooked food, enjoyed our favorite TV shows and called it a day. Long long ago, S used to be in Marina  beach for every new year. At the strike of 12, I would try calling him to wish and would get to him by 1, hearing one word or two from him. The cell phone towers used to be super jammed. Flash forward to 2017, S and I were sitting together having conversation in peace, at home. Forget me, S sure has grown up 😀

On the new year’s eve, I wanted to set up a simple candle light dinner at home. In fact, that was on my bucket list for long. Both S and I were cooking together and when I was almost done, I turned towards S to ask him one tiny help. The poor fellow thought I was going to start clicking photos of my food *for my food blog* and when I said no, I saw his face relax. But but but.. I wouldnt leave him that soon, would I?!  We were setting up the table and all along he was passing me stares as if it was a ridicolous idea. But once it was done, he told me it was beautiful 🙂 The experience was divine and we both accepted to try this at least once a month. Now for the food, I made Tomato Soup, Spicy Vegetable Rice Noodles, Crispy Golden Baby Corn and we had a slice of Plum Cake for dessert. Simple yet delicious 🙂

On the New Year’s day I had been asking S about the lunch menu since breakfast. All he would tell me is ‘make something’. Thats it. I ventured into the kitchen and started cooking up an elaborate meal. S was busy with the washing machine and when he came back to the kitchen, he was surprised. And during lunch, he didnt even utter a word the entire time. That happens only when he loves the food 🙂 Again, I have to do this at least once a month. So, on the lunch menu – Hot Steamed Rice with a dollop of Ghee, Vankaya Kothimeera Karam (Spicy Eggplant Coriander Chutney), Pacha Payiru Molagootal (Pepper Spiced Green Gram Gravy), Thakali Poondu Rasam (Tomato Garlic Soup), Vazhakai Kari (Spicy Raw Plantain Curry), Dondakaya Vepudu (Coccinia Fry), Fresh Homemade Curd with assorted Fryums and a warm Carrot Halwa for dessert. In a way, it was good that I cooked this meal for the left overs helped us get through yesterday.

Now for some pictures –


New Year’s Eve Dinner


New Year’s Day Lunch

I thought I would post a couple of pictures today and get done with it, but I ended up blabbering a lot 😀 That’s why I love love love this blog!

PS – thanks everyone for your well wishes. I am feeling much better today.


20 thoughts on “Food & Us

  1. wowww simply wowww.. you are great cook and as your blog says you cook from your heart.. the dishes and the setup looks awesome.. the thali platter reminds me of how they serve meals in hotel.. kalakkals ma

  2. I agree with SS.
    I think I’m gonna stare at it until I make something so elaborate! I’m sure it is out of love but more than love, consider the amount of patience and effort it takes to do all these on a holiday! That’s next to impossible for me. No wonder I just ordered all my food on that day!.
    Just like the looks of that food, have a great year GB. 🙂

  3. For me too now, staying home with loved ones is the best way to bring in the new year…..HAPPY NEW YEAR GB, HOPE YOU HAVE AN AWESOME 2017! 🙂
    And the food looks absolutely yummy! 🙂

  4. Oh, wow! That is such a beautiful way to ring in the new year! 🙂
    We should do such candlelight dinners at home, too. We’ve never had any. But then, the bub wouldn’t let any of the candles stay put. 🙂

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