A lot has happened in the last two months I have disappeared from this space. I have hit a huge writer’s block I guess. A blog that was once very close to my heart, the one I always confided into seems like a long lost friend today. And I don’t like that feeling one bit, so I am here to change it.

We had one amazing holiday vacationing at home for Deepavali this year. I took time off from both my work as well as my food blog and I should say that gave everyone a respite 😀 Between the 9 days we stayed in Chennai, we managed to spend equal time with both my in-laws and parents. And to those of you who wonder why is this even important, you really don’t know how much time and effort we spend coming to terms with our Chennai plan/stay. An hour here or there, we are left with sad faces and heart breaks on either side. All in all, this was one good trip with only happy faces throughout 🙂

I met Thomi after almost two months and had she grown or what?! I have to write a post just on Thomi and her antics but for now I will say that we had a wonderful time with her around. Suddenly our world seems to revolve around Thomi and I don’t even know how it was before her 🙂

In other news, I deactivated my Facebook account and that is the best thing that has happened to me in the last three months. S has been off Facebook for more than a year now and I didn’t really believe him when he said how liberating it is, to not be on FB. We are no longer in touch with our so called friends but that’s ok – what is the point of having X number of friends who wish you for your birthday just because FB threw a notification?

If you ask S, he might tell you how I am with my phone checking on twitter or Instagram “all the time”. Don’t trust him ok? He might also tell you that I am addicted to these apps. Now be a good friend and stop listening to him.

Work was at its craziest best until last week. It took me to a stage where I lost sleep over it and even a slightest nudge was enough to push me over the edge. Thankfully everything is getting back to normal and I really hope that it stays this way.

Have you checked out my new youtube channel? In my latest obsession in regards to cooking and food blogging, I started venturing into recipe videos. It is a completely different ball game with oodles of new stuff to learn. Unlike food photography, I heavily depend on S to shoot while I cook and so far, we both have been loving it a lot. For every recipe, the video editing takes anywhere from 2-3 hrs (with the first one I spent 7 hrs *rolling eyes*) and I get to learn something new every single time. It is not the best yet, but I am improving 🙂

In other news, I gifted myself a brand new oven and made these eggless chocochip cookies to begin with. To say that I am in love with this new oven is an understatement. I have been experimenting something new every day and so far it has been a jolly ride. The sister got my old oven (yes, I am still that mean elder sister) and every day we exchange our baking experiment recipes – really exciting! 🙂

My book reading has taken an ugly turn and I shamefully accept that I have not even finished one book in the last three months. Sigh. I have abandoned a few books in the middle and cant seem to get back my reading interest. I really need some book recommendations to bring back my enthusiasm. Help please?

I will probably stop here for now. Why don’t you guys tell me how have you all been?


10 thoughts on “So….

  1. Its more than a year since I have been into this space and now reading through all the blogs I follow is giving me new energy 🙂 Yet to read through your completely.. Eagerly going though each one 🙂

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