Happy Birthday, S!

Dear S,

Every year since I have had this blog, I have been writing you a birthday letter. I am sure each letter is no different as there isn’t anything I am going to tell you here that I haven’t told you already. And yet, for posterity, here is what I would like to tell you today.

The best thing to happen this year was you coming back to Bangalore – I can’t even begin to explain how amazing and wonderful it has been. I don’t have to worry about anything big or small. The thought that I have you next to me every night and that I see you the first thing as I awake – just one word, Bliss.

Waking you up every morning is still a struggle – man do you love your sleep or what?! I still don’t understand how can a grown man (yes, you are!) fall asleep right after someone wakes you up. You are an expert with that. And your two minutes never end, do they? When you reply all my questions while not opening your eyes at all, still with the hope of catching some more sleep – it is very cute, if not for our rat race every morning.

I love how you lovingly pack all the big rotis for me (don’t think I don’t notice) in my lunch box, making sure I am not around every.single.day.

TV and you. Enough said, the better. Your body can be anywhere but your eyes remain glued onto the TV screen, making it the point of argument any given day. And then you have the nerve to cut me on my screen time.

Those samosas and rasgullas and jilebis you surprise me with, on Friday evenings!

The way you expertly steer away from any conversation involving decision making.. sigh. From a simple question of fried rice or pulav to investment banking – your standard response is, “what do you think?” After all these years, I am finding new ways to get you to decide faster on difficult things.

I love how selfless and helpful you are, to your friends to strangers on the road. Even after knowing someone’s true colors, it takes a lot to move on and help again.

I love it when you appreciate my food for every.single.meal. More than your words, I look out for the expression in your eyes that tells me how much you enjoyed the meal. I love that appreciation comes easily to you. I love that you hardly criticize anything I do for you.

I love it when you pick up all those tasks that I absolutely hate to do around the house. Like loading the washing machine. Like drying the clothes. Like folding and placing them in the cupboards. Like putting fresh groceries in respective dabbas. Like setting up the washed dishes. Like cleaning the bathrooms. You do it with no nudges from me and that’s what makes it special.

I love it when you let me pursue my hobbies and for everything you do to support it. The minutes and hours I make you wait before serving any food at all, in the name of food photography would have everyone’s sympathy. The way I make for run for things the moment I envision them in my head – empty wine bottle, cherry red woolen thread, silver paint, black beads, plastic white bangles and the list is endless.

I absolutely love it when you rest yourself on the kitchen platform while I cook and tell you the stories of the day, letting me blabber endlessly.

I love it when you tell me stories every night to get me to sleep. It is shame that I never get to know the ending of any of these stories but to know that there is Duffu – the Donkey, Rakki – the Monkey, Kuku – the crow and other N number of characters in your stories and they come alive in your voice to make me fall asleep is a happy feeling, just before dozing off.

All the love to you for waiting on me hand and foot, every single day. The number of times I remind you to switch off the light in the kitchen, tell you to increase/decrease fan’s speed, ask you to bring me stuff from fridge literally making you my assistant cook, ask you for water or chocolate late in the night – anyone else would lose patience. Not you!

I love that you have never had your dosas hot out of the stove, any time during our married life but insist on making for both of us so that we could sit together. And everytime you insist me to have hot dosas, offering to make them for me – a small gesture with so much meaning.

There are so many other small and big things I have come to love. And there are other things about you that make me mad too. The thing is when you are in so much love with a person, there is no place for anything else. I love every single thing about you, including all those things that drive me totally crazy. It is what makes you YOU for me and I don’t wish anything to change.

I wish you nothing but more and more happiness this year and all the years to come. As is every year, I can’t thank God enough for bringing me into your life. Happy Birthday, S! J

Lots of Love.

PS – When your wife offers to take you out and indulge in gifts for you on your special day, don’t miss the chance by settling in for a home-cooked meal.


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, S!

  1. Such a sweet post! God bless the both of you. Happy birthday, S! 🙂

    Hey, is Eateroo in Marathahalli a street-side cart? I remember you raving about the place. Somehow thought it would be a small joint with seating and all. Was kind of shocked to see a cart called Eateroo in Marathahalli over the weekend. Is it the same as the place you were referring to?

  2. This is one of the sweetest and most sincere love notes I have ever read. May you both be happy, happy, happy forever and after! 🙂

  3. Dearest GB and you lucky man but also dear S,

    Wish you both an amazing year ahead. S, have a wonderful time 🙂 I cannot help but see some similarities between you and K but hey this is all about you. And yes, don’t ever miss out on opportunities when your wife wants to splurge 🙂

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