Thomi @0.6

Thomi is half year old today! Like in another 6 months, she would be ONE. How soon time flies. From the tiny pea that she was, today she is a naughty little girl who needs new playing tricks and gimmicks all through the day.

Yesterday, the sister and I dug deep into our picture archives and found Thomi’s pictures from all these previous months. The transformation she has had all through these months is really amazing to look at. For one, she was out 3 weeks earlier and was at a very low birth weight. She was so tiny that we were scared even to touch her for more than a second. A tiny face with sharp nose, big eyes and lots of hair on her head, Thomi looked so different back then 🙂

As if looking at her pictures wasn’t nostalgic enough, we both started recollecting every single thing that Thomi did in these last 6 months. Some startled us – like the time an ant had gone into her little eye. Some made us laugh – like all those pictures of Thomi tightly wrapped in her soft purple towel right after her bath – her reactions precious every single time. Soon we both started sending her pictures to each other with funny dialogues aka memes. Through all these days, we have exchanged 1500+ pictures of Thomi and most of them are so funny to look at now. There is a picture for every reaction of Thomi – I kid not. Without even realizing, we have made a treasure for Thomi 🙂

The last one month has been a roller coaster ride for both Thomi as well as my sister. Thomi caught up with a stomach viral and had loosies for more than 4 weeks. Although the doctors kept telling us that there would not be an issue as long as the baby is active and happy, we were worried about her weight. As expected, she didn’t gain any weight at all last month which is not so good considering her low birth weight. My sister tried everything in her control to bring this viral down – she completed stopped milk and milk products, wheat, anything fibrous and what not. The viral didn’t budge down at all. Last month included a couple of emergency trips to the paed hospital too! All in all a very scary month but thankfully, she is off the stomach bug now. *touchwood x 100*

Thomi loves getting attention and needless to say, her Ammumma Thathayya give it to her 24/7. Her Thathayya invents silly games every day to keep Thomi entertained and the little princess showers him with the loudest of laughs. Here are a couple of examples. Thathayya swings a hankie above Thomi’s face and quickly pulls it to himself. Thomi brings herself to catch that hankie and breaks into a laugh. The weirdest is this though – Thathayya drops something next to Thomi and that’s enough to make Thomi laugh nonstop. These objects could be anything from her rattle toy to his medicine box. The sister tells that Thomi doesn’t give the same laugh to anyone else for these games. Exclusive for her Thathayya 🙂

Thomi took a while to roll over, actually. And it took her a couple more weeks to balance her head. I wrote this post on Milestones few weeks back when Thomi rolled over for the first time. We were told to expect some delay and we were well prepared for the same. But Thomi surprised us all by making attempts to crawl as soon as she could balance her head. Anytime of the day or night, Thomi could be seen doing somersaults in her attempts to crawl forward. The poor one has not fully worked out the logic of lifting her elbows along with her knees to crawl. She looks like a tiny earthworm ploughing her way through loose soil 😀 It takes just a couple of minutes for her to reach the edge of the bed these days. All the more reason for the grandparents to keep an eye on her all the time.

Her favorite pastime apart from trying to crawl is to find someone to snuggle into. She would move and turn quickly to get next to someone on the bed and try to roll over them. She laughs out loud at her own antics – like rolling over and quickly rolling back down 🙂 By the way, Thomi now sports a single tooth – a tiny speck in her lower jaw! Thomi had her Annaprasanam yesterday and has started her first solids with a tsp of Ragi milk gruel. Although she licked the spoon yesterday, today she declared that it is not as good as the milk 😀 The days of her throwing tantrums over carrot puree, apple puree and rice congee are not too far now.

At this half year mark, I wanted to share some stuff that I promised will share here. These are among the many things lovingly made for Thomi by her Amma and Thathayya.

Sister made more than 10 of these black and white image sheets for Thomi, especially during those months she didnt  look/smile at us. Apparently, these black and images help improve baby’s eye coordination.cam_img_1473404440781_1473404497268

Handmade Parikini by my dad cam_img_1473405130727_1473405277496

Sister made this handmade satin flowers and hair band – img_1473404734132_1473404746365

Handmade silk thread bangles for Thomi. She wore them for her Annaprasanam yesterday – p_20160902_184300_1473404038079

Sister made these absolutely cute looking handmade animals on ice cream sticks for Thomi’s story telling time – cam_img_1473404246963_1473404292613


4 thoughts on “Thomi @0.6

  1. What a lucky little girl Thomi is. We have almost no artistic genes in my mom’s family. Our future child will have to make do with store bought goodies, which makes me a bit sad when I see all this beautiful handmade artwork. Unless my very artistic inlaws do such things for our baby..

    God bless Thomi! I picture her as a tiny little doll in my head. Lots of love to her.

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