Thomi @ 0.5

The little darling our family completed 5 months and stepped into her 6th today. This morning when I saw her picture, I was like really?! REALLY? It seems like only yesterday I saw her tiny being in our too big hands, not knowing how to even drink her milk. And suddenly she is into her 6th month. Time sure does fly very fast.

Over the last few weeks, I desperately made attempts to come back to this blog only to fail miserably. Every single day I make a mental note of things I could blog about, except that I never really did come here. Yesterday this girl asked me why have I not been blogging much and that got me thinking. And since I am down with a terrible flu and fever, I wanted comfort. What’s more comforting than coming over to my blog and talking about my Thomi 🙂

So, Thomi has grown a lot from the tiny baby that she was. I have particularly named her “Action Heroine Bujjiku” *obviously inspired from Kuttetan’s movie Action Hero Biju* Bujjiku is one of the many nicknames I have given Thomi. She is this drama queen and does everything in her control to gain her amma’s attention. Her amma has to go only for a few secs for Thomi to break into a wail, with no tears what so ever. The second she sees her amma, she laughs so hard as if to say – got you! 😀 She also does this to scare her Ammuma from dressing her up.

Thomi loves a house tour every hour. She needs someone to carry her so that she could inspect the whole house and check if everything is in place. It’s funny how she asks for it. One minute she would be lying down like a good baby and the next minute, she would be making these tiny noises telling us to show her around. Sometimes she visits Thathayya in the hall, looking at him playing mobile games and the other times she visits Ammumma in the kitchen, looking at her cook meals.

Thomi has a signature smile and she gives one for anyone. Be it the neighbor or the servant maid or the family members or the nurses or doctors or even strangers. All one has to do is make eye contact with her, that’s all. She would shower you with her most beautiful of the smiles 🙂

Thomi is generally a happy child *touchwood* She wakes up smiling *touchwood* Except for the times she is down with something, she plays and keeps herself busy. One of her favorite pastime is to shove both her hands into her mouth. Yes, both the hands and not even fingers. When she has successfully put most of her right hand inside, she would slowly bring her left hand in. Obviously her mouth isnt big enough for one hand but Thomi doesn’t realize it and is still trying to perfect this art. Also, she doesn’t suck her fingers yet. And even if she does rarely, it is with her left hand. Could be a leftie in the making?! Sister and I are waiting to find out 🙂

I love taking pictures of Thomi. The sister has made a lot of stuff for Thomi and we dress her up in new clothes, click a lot of pictures. **I should probably do a post on these handmade stuff the sister has been making, I couldn’t be more proud of her** So Thomi poses for a few pictures without realizing what is happening and then stops posing. Really. She gives the weirdest expressions after noticing the camera in my hand. Of course that doesn’t stop me from clicking her pictures 😀

Thomi had her first mall trip last to last weekend when we were in Chennai. She was decked up head to toe, covered in different accessories. Being a Sunday, the mall was super crowded. Thomi had so much looking at the colorful lights and the music and all the people around. In the lift when people smiled at her, she made cute noises talking upto them in her baby language. Looking at the crowd we were worried that she would get cranky but she was so good. Her Thathayya got her new anklets while Thomi had fun looking at the bright lights in the jewelry shop. After an hour of nonstop gazing and soaking in the environment, she fell asleep in her Ammumma’s arms just like that. All in all, we braved an overcrowded mall with Thomi and came back safe!

There might be tiny chance that I could stay for a couple of days with the sister and Thomi next week. Please God please.. make it happen already!

Here is a glimpse of Thomi’s little feet and her new anklets 🙂


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