After the roaches and zards, recently a rat joined in on the party in our house. It all started a few days ago, soon after we were back from our Chennai trip. The moment I stepped into the house, I noticed the fallen photo frame and a few other stuff from the book shelf. Thinking to myself how could they have fallen down on their own in a fully closed house, I decided to leave it for that moment.

The next day as I stepped into the kitchen, I noticed something strange. A lot of wood chippings on the floor. Again, I thought to myself how could cockroaches do such damage unless there is an army of them on the other side of closed kitchen cabinets. Dumbly, I left the matter for that moment again and got along with my morning chores.

On the same day, I had to step into the pooja room to get something and saw a black sock inside. It’s been so many days I properly took a look our pooja room and wondered why would someone put a sock inside. I made a mental note to check with S, if he was playing football inside the house with odd objects, as usual.

Fast forward to a couple of days, I opened up the potato bag to see one heavily attacked potato. By then I was pretty sure there must be an unwelcome visitor in the house. What I couldnt imagine was how could it have come in. What awaited me the next day could disgust a lot of you. *sorry in advance* In the kitchen, there was a trail of small pellets left behind by this unknown creature. Since the husband had just gone to sleep, I had force myself to clean it all. Without actually seeing this thing, I couldn’t do anything much.

And then the weekend happened. It was something I was totally not prepared for. As we were in a hurry to leave Chennai the week before, I had rolled up all the washed clothes and put them in a heap in our guest bedroom. It was time to get to that task. As S and I kept folding the clothes, we again saw those small pellets (you-know-what) all over the bed. S was pretty convinced it was a small rat. While we were arguing, I picked up the last piece of cloth and without actually looking at it, felt it first while folding. The next moment I thought to myself why I have picked up a rag cloth and what is it doing in the pile of washed laundry. It was fully torn. One close look at it, I was shell shocked. It was no rag cloth.. it was my most favorite top – torn to bits. And then I had to believe there was a rat in our house.

There started our efforts to catch this bad guy. S got a sticky pad – a trap with peanut butter fragrance to catch the rat. As we were about to set it down, we spotted this small rat behind the onion basket in the kitchen. S did as much to point his fingers at it. That’s all. In one swift movement, it literally jumped onto us. S who usually is very calm in situations like this, screamed a bit. Without even knowing that the rat was next to my feet, I started jumping up and down, screaming my lungs out. At exactly 12 in the night. I got scared of the rat and it got scared of my screams. Finally, it escaped into the pooja room. With a hoarse throat and a missed rat, I wished our neighbors hadn’t heard my screams.

For the last five days, we have been setting up traps for it all over the house. I made pakodas specially to attract the rat into the trap! The smart one that it is, kept eating all the food, without falling to our tricks. That is until this morning! We finally caught it, with a piece of coconut 😀 The house is rat-free and I can smell the freedom already. So it took four traps and five days to catch this tiny rat, that had been causing havoc. So yay! 😀

** for the lack of better title.


4 thoughts on “Ratatouille**

  1. animal farm! I had written a post somewhere on the blog where I was thinking out loud, what if a remy actually came around the kitchen and cooked, and a cute jerry sneaked all the cheese 😀

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