A day off

How nice it would be to have a day off on Monday?! And what if it came in as a surprise, an unplanned one?! So, that is exactly how it was yesterday. Work pressure has been mounting for both S and me. We both had been yearning for a break since so long, only that it was not happening. If not anything fancy, I had been dreaming of taking a couple of days off to meet Thomi and visit our parents – now even that seems like a luxury.

It was an ordinary Monday and I was busy getting ready for work. Suddenly, I felt like I should take the day off. I checked with S and for a change, he was in too. And just like that, both of us took off. We had no plans at all, with what to do or how to spend the day. We had a lazy breakfast and following that, just lazed around the house with absolutely no agenda at all. After a couple of hours of not doing anything, I made filter coffee for the both of us and while slowly slipping it, we planned on a leisure lunch outside. I had been dreaming of checking out Toscano for such a long time but somehow the plan never materialized. So, Toscano it was yesterday!

Except for a couple more people, the restaurant was empty and we took our sweet own time deciding on what to have. Reading through the menu was enough to bring out childlike excitement in me and after a lot of discussion we decided to go for the three course meal and that was the best decision 🙂

So, this is what I had – Chunky Minestrone Soup followed by Lasagna Verdure and Tiramisu with Cinnamon Gelato for dessert.


Chunky Minestrone Soup


Lasagna Verdure


Tiramisu with Cinnamon Gelato

S on the other hand had Goat Cheese, Rucola and Fig Salad followed by Pollo Alla Diavola ( a chicken main) and Warm Apple Crumble with Strawberry Coulis and Vanilla ice cream for dessert.


Goat’s Cheese, Rucola and Fig Salad


Pollo Alla Diavola


Warm Apple Crumble with Strawberry Coulis and Vanilla Ice cream

This lunch for sure was the biggest highlight of the day. Not only that the food was absolutely delicious, it was a delight to look at it too. Although I loved by soup as well as Tiramisu, I thought S’s choices were great (as always). I kept digging into his plate every so often and I wondered if he would ever get mad at me for doing so. S being S, was happy to share his plate with me 🙂 I have already chosen what I would be trying the next time, if we happen to visit it again! I loved the décor, the serve-ware and how pretty the chalk-work was all around the restaurant. I felt it was slightly over-priced, especially since we paid almost 30% more on the taxes. S felt it was okay since I had been looking forward to trying out their food and since it was enjoyable, I should not worry about the prices. Also, given how we eat out very rarely these days, he thought it was okay. Hah! How our thoughts are so different 🙂 Sometimes I am glad we are different!

S wanted to catch up with a movie too but then, I just wanted to head back home and relax. So, we did just that. We did watch a movie, in the comfort of our home and in our cozy bed – The Room. It was slightly disturbing but I zoned out of the movie every now and then, to keep myself from drifting into many thoughts. I completely ignored calls and messages from office – after all, I was on leave and I deserve complete peace atleast for a single day. I kept telling myself – everything can wait.

I went to bed with a smile on my face and knowing that the day off was well worth it. It couldn’t have got any better! Sometimes, it is okay to be lazy and not do anything around.


12 thoughts on “A day off

  1. Oh, that does sound like a lovely Monday! Beautiful lunch indeed!
    We have visited Toscano quite a few times, but have always ended up ordering Pasta Arrabiata and Blue Cheese Pizza. Haven’t really had the chance to try anything else – now, looking at your pics, I am not very pleased about that! 😦
    BTW, you absolutely must try out The Fatty Bao and Mamagoto – you will love the food here and the decor, I think. Overpriced places, yes, but worth the trip, for sure.

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