Roach and Zard

If you saw the title of the post and came in looking for something fun – Hah there I got you πŸ˜€ :D. This post is all about Cockroach and Lizard. This is the cue for you to get off if you are disgusted by any of these like me. No.. you say? Ok then, read on.

Of late, our house has been invaded by cockroaches. I am talking about the really big ones to the tiny roaches. I don’t know how or from where they got in but every morning, I was being subjected to atleast one cockroach running blindly in the kitchen. Have you ever noticed how cockroaches come for your feet?! Yes, that’s true and I have tested this theory a number of times. From wandering aimlessly, they start directly approaching your feet the minute they sense you. Jump or run where you want, the roach follows you. If you are anything like me, you would run wildly around the house screaming β€˜cockroach..cockroach’ at the top of your voice, randomly closing doors as you go by, trying to keep the cockroach off you. But the clever cockroach would of course find a way in and would start to torture you again. Story of my life.

As if this is not enough, I started seeing tiny cockroaches in the utensil rack of the kitchen and that got me very worried. From a small spoon to the big pots, everything had to be scrubbed before use. What a hassle doing this every morning when time is like gold. When I thought things couldn’t go any worse, I saw something moving in the microwave door. Actually in the hollow space of the microwave door and to my horror – it was a small cockroach. It found its way into it the door and was happily dwelling in. At that point we stopped using microwave as we had to no way to that roach bring it out. In a few days, it became full size and then, it wouldn’t come out. Sigh-o-Sigh.

S decided enough was enough and one night, armed with a special pesticide powder (that was a clever buy from my dad), he started sprinkling it all around the house. Except for our bedroom (which is totally cockroach free), entire house was targeted. Within few mins, the roaches started hitting our room. How you ask? From the kitchen to the balcony through a tiny creek, all the way around the house to the tiny creek in our bedroom window. Officially, the fight was on. Between S and the roaches πŸ˜€ I slept peacefully while S was waiting by the window and our door (alternatively) keeping the cockroaches away. By morning, there were as many as 50 roaches dead around the house. I mean, where were they?! Gosh. We have gotten rid of all including the one in our microwave door. After a thorough cleaning around the house, we were back to normal.

Just when this roach situation was under control, we got a lizard situation. One fine evening, I was taking an official call from our bedroom. To my horror, I saw a tiny (baby?) lizard at my side of the bed. If not for the colleague from US on the other side and having to act with professionalism, I would have screamed. I am not scared of lizards or roaches, but they really are disgusting. As soon as the call was over, I ran over to S calling him to my rescue. And the baby lizard was nowhere to be seen. S brushed it off saying it must have found a way out. Good I thought. Come bedtime, I was lying on my side of the bed and guess what I see right above my head on the roof?! That tiny lizard hanging in there. I screamed and demanded S to remove it somehow. Now that I think of it, I cant stop laughing thinking of S’s state πŸ˜€ He kept convincing me that the lizard would go off on its own. But then, it was right above my head. And it was hanging upside down. What are the odds that the baby lizard has learnt all the tricks? What if it falls on me?! While I hid in the other room, S chased it off! I am still looking out for this lizard as I know it is out there somewhere.

So far, that’s my roach and zard story. If you are reading this line, big hugs to you for reading this post. You are my best friend πŸ˜€


15 thoughts on “Roach and Zard

  1. Hugs back to you my dear GB πŸ˜€
    I have had a similar war with cockroaches hunting them few months back. though I have never been scared by them but I have never found them chasing me πŸ˜‰
    S sure put in a lot of hard work getting your home pest free. But lizards are scary (irrespective of their size).
    You better keep an eye for that baby lizard but with cockroaches gone she won’t be around anyway πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my !! I can so relate to every word you’ve written …. I’m petrified of these disgusting pests… So much so that when the hubby and I were debating where to put our roots India or US, both of us made our own pro and cons list…. No prize for guessing in my pro list for US I had ‘no bugs in the house’ πŸ˜€πŸ˜€… Especially lizards and cockroaches are like my worst nightmare!!

  3. God, I too find them disgusting.
    Currently, we are facing the lizard issue, I see them everywhere in the house, all small small ones. Am clueless as to how to ward them off 😞

  4. Tell me that secret pesticide powder please. And lizards – If you ever hear a scared little girl shouting “Amma puli ..Amma puli” at my home, don’t fear.Its only a palli. Somehow volt always calls it a puli.

    • SS.. there was no name to that powder.. it was ant powder basically with a pretty pink color.
      hahahaha πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Puli ah πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Cant stop laughing!

    • It really didnt have a name Smita.. some pink colored powdered! It was not too heavy for us humans and was mainly to kill the ants. Pretty cheap too – just 5 per pack. Next time I will try to find its name.

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