The Move…

On an impulse, I moved my food blog to a self-hosted domain! Yes, it was a pretty big move considering the number of questions I had right before the move and the whole lot of issues that came up during the move.

Though this blog was neglected pretty much owing to crazy work-life, I really couldn’t ignore my food blog. In fact, I spent late hours at night on every other day setting up the pictures and writing recipes over these last three weeks when office work was killing me during the day. Call it obsession or passion, I really enjoy spending time doing that stuff. And probably that’s why, I wanted to take it to the next level.

It all started when my SIL gave me a link a couple of weeks back – It gave me a mini heart attack considering that’s the domain I wanted for my food blog. Apparently, she wanted to surprise me by gifting me a domain, just like that 🙂 She did most of the import of my old blog and had hosted it on a local server. Given how I love to do things on my own, it again led to another mini panic attack. How much ever I cajoled, she did not share the passwords and I had to go through her brother (my dear husband, who didn’t understand why I was panicking) to get the required stuff. I had been dilly-dallying of moving to a self-hosted site and this was the push I needed. I started exploring stuff, reading a ton of documents, bugging Sri with my silly questions that couldn’t be answered by Google.

Once I took things into my hand, I planned on modifying everything – including the hosting setup. I spoke to different hosting services and finally zeroed in on one. I planned to use a couple of hours from my weekend to finish off the setup. After all, it was supposed to be very easy. How wrong was I?! For the entire weekend, both S and I were drowned in fixing the 100s of issues that came up. As expected, the customer care from hosting services had zilch knowledge about the issues. After spending an entire Saturday with no progress, S decided to change the plan on Sunday. Instead of importing the files directly into hosted wordpress, we decided to create a local hosting for wordpress.

S locked himself into our room setting things up, while I cooked and cleaned. After spending another half a day, things started working in the local version of wordpress. Then began the task of moving databases and uploading individual files. Within an hour, the hosted WP had my data but the pictures were gone. Another round of troubleshooting and finally we located the files and started moving them. With over 500MB of data, the move took almost 4 hours over FTP. I was waiting with bated breath to checkout my site finally and guess what?! It was broken. Another round of troubleshooting. Sigh. We had to re-do everything from scratch because of a very small mishap. It was almost 2.30am Monday morning, when we had the site up and running.

It was still the barebones version of it with a lot more issues to be fixed. I ended up spending time all evening yesterday, bringing it back to how my old site was. And I am not 100% done yet. For these many issues, one would think that the site is getting a new look or so, but no. Just to get it to work itself was a big nightmare. I still have few things I have to figure out. I still have some troubleshooting to do. But I am glad, the move seems to be working so far. In the hindsight, I am thinking it was right of me to make this move now, when there are not too many posts. Also, makes me wonder if some stuff is as easy as it is claimed to be. I cannot imagine a non-technical or non-IT person to do this very easily, unless they are very lucky.

I wanted to test things out by posting a new blog last night as soon as most of the issues were fixed. And in a happy coincidence, ended up posting my 300th post. Another milestone, a happy one! 🙂

Do update your readers with the new URL or subscribe to my food posts at my new blog – 🙂


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