That Ant…

Long long ago, so long ago when I was actively blogging here, I wrote this post. The sister and I are fervent lovers of ants. Years ago, when we moved to our own house, we started seeing a number of varieties of ants and still do, if we are at parents’ place. We just love looking at these ants, not disturbing their path or trying not to kill an ant accidentally. Every day even today, I see a number of very small ants in my kitchen and I try my best to work around them. So basically, we both were so pro-ants!

But then, that one ant… that small stupid ant, it did the unbelievable! How could it go villainy on us when we have been good to the entire ant community?! Ok, time for a bit of background story here. Ten days back, it was an ordinary Saturday. Thomi was restless as usual that morning, as she has been these days. She was crying on and off but soon, she was crying hard. Both sister and mom tried to rock her, put her to sleep or atleast feed her, but nothing worked. Thomi was wailing uncontrollably and the sister saw something small and brown in one of her eyes. Thomi was neither opening her eyes nor let anyone touch her. On close examination, her right eye had a small red ant in the white part. For next hour or so, everyone at home tried all sorts of stuff to remove the ant from Thomi’s eye but with no use. The ant was pretty tightly catching hold or tried to before getting completely stuck in Thomi’s eye. Since it was very early in the morning, none of the eye hospitals were open.

After what seemed like an eternity, BIL and the sister took Thomi to one of the eye hospitals and Thomi had not stopped crying at all. She was not drinking milk neither 😦 One look at the size of our little one, they were asked to take her to the main branch hospital which would be another 1-1.5hrs travel. On request, they decided to give it a try. It took the doctors close to ten mins to remove that stupid ant using wet ear buds. Ten minutes!! Looking at Thomi wailing was enough to give us a heart wrenching pain. Poor little baby was left with a red, sore and watery eye but as soon as the ant was out, she slept off. How tired she must have been. Sigh. Doctors had to put her on antibiotics and eye drops.

Amma was feeling so guilty that this happened on her watch but who could have anticipated or stopped this? It was just one small villain of an ant and little Thomi had to suffer.


20 thoughts on “That Ant…

  1. Aww..that’s bad. I hope Thomi is doing well now.
    I am not against ants but I can’t have them crawling in my living space. Watching them at work has always been fascinating though.

  2. :O i suggest you to clear all them out from home 😦 even we can’t tolerate that pain if it enters our eye, poor baby.. ask them to clean the bed even more carefully so as to avoid any more attacks which they will be doing more than before 😦

  3. I love ants too, trying not to kill/stamp on them intentionally.
    However, I feel really sad for the lil’ one and the ant too, who must be clueless about how it landed up in there :/

  4. Omg!!! I don’t want to like this post just because it made me teary….May b dats the success of your write … I felt the exact emotion you have put in words…… So sad of Thomi….

    And yeah…

    None can b blamed….

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