I am super mad..

.. at this very very very hot summer. Knowing that there is no respite for at least two more months, is making me further mad.

.. at this thing happening at work. Life is so uncertain right now and with many changes going around, it has come to a point where I am not able to concentrate on the work at all.

.. at those few people who are making life so hard for others.

.. at the way life keeps throwing these different problems around me all of a sudden.

.. at myself for not being able to have an open and honest communication with S regarding a certain issue. I know for sure, talking is not going to help here and I have also put myself in his shoes and how perspective changes with that. Knowing this doesn’t help. I am mad this is happening right now.

.. at someone for not giving me a response. Yes, as simple as a response. Proves that you should spend your time wisely and not go head over heels about anyone and everyone.

.. at all these people who think you have nothing better to do, than serve them hand and foot.

.. at this person who keeps testing my patience. Believe me, I am *this* close to losing it completely.

.. at myself for not being able to join in Thomi’s naming ceremony.

I am super mad. Period.

PS – sorry for all the cryptic & not-so-cryptic points. Life is close to hell right now and I had to let these out of my system before losing complete sanity. After all, that is why I have this blog!


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