Random Ramblings

** Following the tradition of this and this, we celebrated our first Ugadi at Bangalore last Friday. I cant believe it took us almost five years to start celebrating festivals on our own. I agree, it’s much fun to have family around but yet another trip especially in this hot sun was impossible. It was a really simple celebration – I got up, cleaned the house, drew a rangoli, tied fresh mango leaves atΒ the house entrance, prepared Ugadi Pachadi, lit the lamp followed by a small pooja, prepared breakfast, made special lunch and a simple dinner! Thats it. Seemed perfect to usΒ πŸ™‚

** S and I watched The Jungle Book on the opening day on Imax. After paying a bomb, of course. S was so intrigued right from the first time he saw the trailer and has been making plans on watching it on Imax. I just didnt have the heart to tell him NO, when this guy doesnt ask for anything ever. I went in with zero expectations and ended up loving the movie. In fact, I wouldnt mind watching it another time on the big screen. S, on the other hand felt it a little underwhelming – all ‘cos of his high expectations. I just had one issue though – it was too westernized for my liking, what with the accent and too many casual dialogues.

** So impressed with this The Jungle Book, we watched the 1967 version of the same. Again, fell in love with the simplicity of it and how funny it was, compared to this latest version. I have a special liking for animated movies.

** S did an impulse buy for me on the day of Ugadi. After the movie, we were on a casual stroll in the mall and suddenly, S pulled me into this Β jewelry shop and bought me new earrings. As much as I love his gesture and his desire to buy me a gift every month, it really is scaring me. I am kind of a weird person who feels super guilty knowing someone is spending their hard earned money for me. What’s more, I am not able to stop him how much ever I try. All this said, I love the new earrings! πŸ™‚

** Bangalore is hot as hell, even during the nights. From how it used to drizzle and rain everyday eight years ago when I moved here, it is scary how dry this land is turning into. In fact, just after returning from Chennai, I felt Bangalore to beΒ way hotter.

** My food blog has been nominated in the Best Food Blog 2015 category at Nepaliaustralian Blog Awards. It came in as a big surprise and needless to say, it is a big confidence booster. If you think my food blog is deserving, please do vote for it by going to this link.

** Remember this post? Well, the guy got in. I had replied a few people but never did an update I guess. On his first day, he walked up to me and said thanks. I asked, what for and he said, thanks for everything. I know what this job means to him, so I just told him to make use of the opportunity well. I do talk to him occasionally – he is nice and everything but then, there is something weird about him. He is trying to be too friendly all the time, not just with me and it gets too awkward at times. More on that some other time may be.

** Thomi turned a month old on April 9th and celebrated her first Ugadi πŸ™‚ She is turning naughtier by the day – dont ask me how. She is giving sleepless nights to her mom by refusing to drink milk at all. And on the day of Ugadi, there were guests at home and Thomi was so cranky the entire day. As per the reports, she kept crying – neither sleeping or feeding the entire day. Only after the said relatives were gone, did she get back to normal. Haha, she really is our family product πŸ˜€

** My reading has so taken a back seat. I dont seem to know what’s happening to my time. Weekends are getting busier than the weekdays that I am almost dreading the weekends now. It feels like my brain is constantly working all the time. I just want a nice relaxing day, with nothing on my mind. I really want a break.


6 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. Happy Ugadhi to you and family! πŸ™‚ I know what you mean about celebrating festivals on your own, without family around. It takes time to get used to. We celebrate some festivals alone and some with our family, to make up. πŸ™‚

    Congrats on the blog nomination. Well deserved, I would say.

    LOL @ our family product. Bubboo is also like that – she is not at peace till relatives leave us alone. πŸ˜› Just like us.

    S is so sweet to get you gifts every month. πŸ™‚ Touch wood. The OH does get gifts for me, but I have to ask for them mostly. Grrrrr

    Bangalore is getting hotter by the day. 😦

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