This and That

Here am I with my mish-mash post for today, with my jumbled up thoughts.

* My last post – Coins got featured in Blogadda’s Saturday Spicy Picks. I have never in a thousand years imagined this would happen and when it did happen, it caught me by surprise. My joy was uncontainable which reflected in the form of me jumping and screaming to my family, who didn’t understand one word.  At last, the post was shown and read and praised (of course, they are my family – what else to expect). For a blog that has so much jibber jabber, this is such a confidence boost.

* On an impromptu trip, we spent the last weekend in Chennai. S had a lot of work to be done and thus, I got to spend the entire weekend with my sister and my family. We cooked good food, went on walks, had cakes and spent a lot of time together. All this fun aside, I missed S. Like a lot. His presence would have made the trip perfect. I have also realized that I am this weirdo person, who likes to have the cake and eat it too. And with this trip, parents are back to their abode. Which also means that I come back to an empty home. There is no one fussing around to get me to eat something or no one cheerfully welcoming home. The house seems very empty, all of a sudden.

* Both the Kindle and TV issues got resolved finally. Finally! The Kindle was delivered without any notification and to the default address on my Amazon account. This led to some confusion and further delayed the delivery process. When I did get it in my hand, I was frustrated to see the condition it was sent back. With just a bubble wrap and dropped into a paper bag. Just the device (not to forget the scratches), not even the charging cable. I was not expecting them to send it to me h in the original casing as I sent them but to miss an accessory, I was beyond mad. I blasted them a nasty email – I just couldn’t help it, given how we were being treated by these service guys. Later that day, I got an Amazon coupon for ordering myself the charger cable online. I am glad my email was looked into, but this episode has left a bad taste.

* As some of you suggested at this post, I have decided to slow down on my food blog. As much as I loved putting up recipes every day, it was eating away too much into my time and on days I was busy, it was giving me a mini panic attack. I want to continue keeping the blog alive and if slowing down helps, I am going for it. That way, I can keep both this blog as well as my food blog active.

* For a blog that had less than 11 followers for the first two years, it seems unbelievable that there are over 400 followers now. I am talking about my food blog. Similarly, the Facebook page had just a single like for many months but now has over 200 followers. All this has taught me only one thing – Perseverance pays.

* The husband and I have worked out a plan and are back on our morning walk schedule. This is the time I absolutely love and for someone who can talk even in her sleep, I narrate so many stories to S and he listens to them patiently.

*Over the weekend, I finished reading “A Summer Fling” by Milly Johnson. I liked the book but not as much as I expected. With a generous sprinkle of fantasy and people who are too good to be true, it was a breezy read but then got too predictable. I am now reading “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger after reading a post about it at Dreamzandclouds.

* I am *this* close to closing my Facebook account. Not only it has become a complete Bragbook, it is starting to turn into Cr*pbook with the kind of stuff people are posting these days. I really don’t know what’s stopping me, however (and there lies the success of Facebook I guess).


16 thoughts on “This and That

  1. First, thanks for the link up….I hope you love the book as much as i did! 🙂
    Congrats for being featured in Saturday Spicy Picks! 🙂
    And guess what, even I feel tempted to close my FB account many a times but then something stops me too, I guess I need to find that reason first 😛

  2. Congrats for the blog adda feature, GB!!! Kindle — uh ho! I could not believe Amazon did this to their flagship product’s service.

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