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I recently read three books that turned out to be quite awesome. In spite of my Kindle not working, I could continue reading them on my mobile and these books helped me keep my sanity, what with so much happening in life right now. I want to write about these books and how they made me feel, so here are my thoughts.

Yes, My Accent Is Real: And Some Other Things I Haven’t Told You is a collection of autobiographical essays written by Kunal Nayyar of The Big Bang Theory fame. I used to be a big time fan of this sitcom when it still used to be funny. If there was one character I liked lesser than anybody else on the show, it was Rajesh Kootharapally. Everytime I laughed at a scene where Rajesh or his antics were made fun of, I had a tinge of guilt for watching an Indian being humiliated in a foreign show. Sometimes, Rajesh himself would show India in a poor light, making fun of how India is over populated or how most of us are poor or still developing. But then, none of this is made up – India is all that and more. And soon, I started taking it light. As it is my quirk to know everything about the life of celebrities I like, I read some info about Kunal as well. To my surprise, he was married to ex-Miss India. The very thought that hit my head right away was how happening and easy his life seemed to be. He was on one of the most popular shows, must be from rich background to have one of the India’s big fat weddings, married to a dream girl. Most often that’s how it is isn’t it, when we know only one side of the story. Grass seems greener on the other side, where we are not around. This book is an evidence that not everyone has it easy and not everything is rosy as it seems. As I kept reading each chapter about Kunal and how his life was prior to his big days, my respect for him kept growing. Every chapter has its fun moments, quote worthy sentences and all the struggles he had to go through before he made it big. I particularly loved reading about his family, especially his dad who seems to be Kunal’s role model. In between chapters, there are quite a few nice thoughts shared/scribbled on an airplane napkin. It was surprisingly fresh to read this book. If I have one grouse, that would be amount of swear words used. That aside, loved how the book took me into Kunal’s life.

To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee is a book that been on my to-read list for so long. When all the world and its cousins have already read this wonderful book, I was very late to get a taste of it. Blame it on the high expectations I had, it took me quite some time to warm up to the book. When I feel connected with the environment and the characters of a book, it becomes unputdownable. It took considerable amount of time to get adjusted to Maycomb and its residents where the story happens. Very Slowly, I started to like Scout and Jem – the way their brother-sister relationship worked. I particularly liked the tomboyish Scout, who is quite intelligent and smart for her age. Both these children and their relationship with their father Atticus Finch, helped me get into the book and then, there was no stopping it. The way Finch lawyers his way around protecting a black man, for a crime he never committed, how racism plays into the judicial system, how children see things black & white unlike us adults and the way the story ends – there is nothing that I don’t like about this book.

Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson, this is a book I picked up on a whim. I was looking for some light read and while browsing through the Goodreads best books of 2015, this one caught my eye or rather the Furiously Happy raccoon on the cover image. Not even reading the blurb, I went ahead to get this book and I was not disappointed at all. This book is all about fighting mental illness and the author’s personal fight with demons like depression and a lot of other mental ailments. A few things that I liked the most about this book – funny, intriguing titles for each chapter, the author’s quirky take on things and despite suffering from a lot of mental issues, how positive she is. There were few chapters, that seemed a little preachy or a bit serious but most of the book was super fun to read. When a serious topic like mental illness is given a funny spin, there is a lot of chance for it to back-fire. I found that quite a lot of people found the author offending and there were equal number of people apprising her for her positive take on life. For me, if a person can laugh about his/her short-comings or misfortunes, I regard them very highly. I for one take my life very seriously and this book showed me how there are far suffering people and yet how they learn to lead happy lives. I could relate to those parts of the book where the author and her husband argue/fight. Most of those fights are meaningless, not having a single point worthy of a fight – just like how S and I argue 🙂 And they make up almost immediately – just like us. I also loved how the author did not try to paint a pretty picture of her life rather talking about the stinky bits and how that is more normal. No real life can be full of romance and only beautiful things – this book showed me just that.

I am currently reading A Summer Fling by Milly Johnson, yet another random pick. What are you guys reading? Would love to know.

PS – I know many of you have asked me for the password of my last post. At this point of time, I am not in the right mindset to share it with anyone. It is a personal post and you could question me why I chose to password protect it rather than keeping it private. I wanted it to have a space on my blog and not be lost among the many unfinished posts. Sorry, for not sharing the password.


7 thoughts on “Recent Reads

  1. That’s an awesome reading list, GB! To kill a mockingbird is one of my favorites. I will have to check out other books. I’m currently reading You by Caroline Kepnes.

  2. That’s a great list GB!
    I loved Kunal Nayyar’s book too.
    As for TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD, its one of my all time favourite books. Even I read it last year and it took a bit of time for me to get into it but once I did, I loved it. I found it amazing that though it was written years ago, so many things said and discussed in the book still has so much relevance….no matter its so popular. 🙂
    FURIOUSLY HAPPY is in my TBR too….and after reading your thoughts I think I will read it soon! 🙂
    I am currently reading MANGO CHUTNEY which is an anthology and also THE GREAT GATSBY. 🙂

  3. I love the variety of books you have been reading! 🙂

    To Kill A Mockingbird has been on my must-read list forever, and I even have a copy of the book, but somehow I have never picked it up to read. I have a feeling I am not going to like it – I don’t like most classics. 😦

    What a coincidence! I am presently reading my first Milly Johnson too. Rather liking the book too. 🙂

    Of course, we are okay if you don’t share the password for your post! Your blog, your rules.

    • I was little skeptical about To Kill a Mockingbird too but then I ended up loving it. I cant even remember the number of times I have picked up Pride and Prejudice and I have not finished it yet.
      Which Milly Johnson book are you reading? Mine turned out to be okay..

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