7th February

February is a special month for me for many reasons, the first one being our engagement anniversary. Given our current situation and circumstances, I was this close to not recording this key date on my blog this year but had to come back to jot a few things atleast. As always, memories wrap me up as soon as I think of the first of the events that brought us together to this life long journey.

I had known S for many years before getting married to him but on this day I first met him at the function venue along with his friends, trying to catch a glimpse of me as I was posing for pictures – that would remain etched in my memory forever. We had not realized what was happening or would happen either during or after the function. It was more like going with the flow for that moment. Before we knew it, the lagna pathrika was read, letters were signed and thamboolams exchanged. That simple. Sometimes I wonder why we humans fuss over things that are so simple. It’s hard to believe we have been officially engaged to each other for 5 years! It definitely feels like yesterday and that my stomach was full of butterflies having to face so many people, sitting next to the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Today, after 5 years – this day does not feel very special or different for that matter. It so happened that S lovingly prepared me mixed sprouts ragi semiya for breakfast this morning. He then loaded the washing machine and went out for grocery shopping. After a scrumptious lunch at home, we started watching Kungfu Panda – one of our favorite movies. As usual, I fell asleep while watching the movie and occasionally could feel S gently rubbing my hair. We then made each other a cup of  Boost and now we both are in our own zones but together. As I am typing this post – I am realizing not just this day but everyday feels special with S. Although 5 years seems to be a long time, I am yearning for many many more years of togetherness and cant wait to experience whats in store for us in the future.

Love you S, for everything you are to me.


12 thoughts on “7th February

  1. This is such a sweet post GB..I recently realized that I don’t yearn for special days anymore…every day that I spend with S-Man is special in its own way 😊
    Wishing you many many many more years of love and happiness together 😊

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