The last one..

So.. this is it, we are at the end of the month long blogathon. I have to admit that it does not feel like 31 days have passed since the New Year and that I have posted every single day of this month. It was really crazy I remember, but not the good crazy that is a part and parcel of the blogathon every year but a different kind of crazy.

For the starters, I had to schedule posts for the first three days of the year unlike the previous years as I was not so confident getting blog time from Chennai. One would think that it’s easy to schedule posts rather than thinking on the spot *or on the new post page* every single day. Imagine having to think of three such posts on a single day.. I literally went crazy and thought of giving up the blogathon right away. But then I tried it. Though very difficult, it worked out. For the every other post throughout this month, I was scramming at my keyboard when I had a few minutes to spare during the day. Unlike previous years, none of this year’s posts were thought out. What I am really saying is, I out blabbered myself through this blogathon. Sigh.

I did not get to the many unread posts on my reader at the end of every day with a sense of excitement, unlike the previous years. Heck, on some days all I did was to open WP to quickly publish a post and sign off. Even on those posts that I got to read, I did not comment. Inspite of all this, I got a few loyal friends who commented on my posts but I could not reply back to them on time. Today, the guilt of it is weighing on me. I missed the craziness of going to every single blog post on my reader and commenting on every post I read. Work was at its crazy best and I gave into the pressure. Either that or I am really growing old.

Despite missing most of the fun that comes with this blogathon, I am glad I stuck on to it and have seen the end of it, yet another time. I have a long list of blog posts I can come back to, if at all I am bored – so don’t be surprised if you see a comment from me on your blog 🙂 Given how it turned out this year, would I take part in next year’s blogathon – yes, I surely would. I just hope to be better at it.

Congrats to all of you for taking part in this blogathon and for posting every single day. As is the norm every year, here is a treat! Enjoy a slice of this rich chocolate cake virtually! 🙂 And promise to come back next year!



30 thoughts on “The last one..

  1. Licks plate clean and showa koku koku to SS 😉
    On a different note, if you say yours are blabberings what would I say me *cry*
    Loved reading each one of your post GB and hurray to us for not giving up in between no matter what! Err I haven’t written today’s post yet *runs*

  2. Yup 31 days whizzed passed. I got to read yours in the last couple of days though ..:) but got to read so many posts and know a few bloggers .. Great month. Second year in a row 🙂 yayyayayyayaaaa

  3. Oh great, now I have to go get myself some cake which I bet won’t be half as awesome as the one you put up. It was fun reading you!
    P.S. I did read the Calicut follow ups posts and got totally reminded of this nice visit to Tusharagiri falls back during college. Sigh.

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