Calicut Diaries – Part 3

Continued from Part 1 and Part 2.

One thing I forgot to put up in yesterday’s post was our dinner at Dhe Puttu – a shiny brand new restaurant very close to our hotel, owned by Malayalam actor Dileep. Our friends did not know Aappam is simple enough to prepare at home and were after trying it for every other meal. This restaurant was so cool with great décor and after a full day of being in the sun, all S and I wanted was some dinner. The menu card was completely filled with Puttu options and our friends not having heard of Puttu at all, were reluctant to try it. We almost walked out when the manager came running to us and told they could serve us Aappams 😀 It was a costly meal (comparatively), but a much satisfying one. There ended our quest of finding Aappams in Calicut or so we thought.

The plan for day-3 was simple – starting back home after covering a couple of places. That’s when my luck played its part and the best part of the trip happened. My BFF was stay put in Wayanad and I so badly wanted to meet her. Most importantly, I wanted to see her little one. It had been more than two years I met her and this seemed like a golden opportunity. We had to anyway cross Wayanad on our way to Bangalore and all I wanted was 10 minutes. Thankfully, our friends were okay with this plan and we had an early start. After a quick breakfast at Calicut and leaving behind a tiny part of my heart with the beaches of Calicut, we started back. Our first stop was Thusharagiri Falls. We were amongst the first to reach the destination and we had the waterfalls to ourselves. The water was pristine and ice cold. The stream of water, though small was enough for me to try out different camera settings. I was a little jealous of all the people, living so close by these beautiful places. We infact saw a couple of people washing their cars in a natural water stream!! The best thing about these places was that they did not have the typical commercial touch. Not many stalls making out business or people abusing Mother Nature. I don’t know how many more years it would be the same but glad we got to experience the unfazed beauty.  It is at Thusharagiri that I clicked these nostalgic pink silk flowers.

We headed towards Wayanad and on the way, stopped at Pookad lake. It was everything that Thusharagiri was not. We had to park our car almost a Km away from the lake, for it was thronging with hundreds of people. I had good memories of visiting this place with my college friends during one of our annual trips and treated S to stories from 8 years ago. While we waited our turn to get onto the boating, I had fun clicking these monkeys. I don’t know why S convinces me for boating knowing very well that he would have to take up the maximum load. Again, he left me to click pictures and pedaled the boat for 20 mins in the super-hot sun. I would have preferred the Sarovaram boat experience to this, a calm evening ride in a man-made lake to this go-a-little-further-hit-another-boat kind of experience. Few people thought it was fun to scream their lungs out *as if going on a space shuttle* and that took the fun element out for me. We had ice cream, pazham pori and I clicked some more monkey pictures before starting back. We did not see the aquarium or do a nature walk but seriously with such crowd, I wanted to get out asap.

We had stopped at a highway restaurant for lunch, a hardcore non-veg one at that. Luckily they had vegetarian meals and there, I had my share of Kerala rice *I simply love it* It was not the best, but not bad at all. *our friends on the other hand were asking for Aappam even at this highway restaurant for lunch, a slightly irritated S told them that they can check my food blog for the recipe :D* Next to the hotel was a souvenir shop and I had got my loot of herbs, wooden serveware and spices. At the billing counter I saw a long tube filled with colored water and the billing lady told me it was nothing but a small toy containing bubbling water. I looked at S with puppy eyes and he immediately got one for me 🙂 The billing lady was all smiles looking at us and offered us a big piece of fine chocolate. At first, we did not understand but then, she waved at the both of us and said – “just for you, stay happy forever”. I felt really touched and even as I am typing this, I have the same smile plastered on my face.

Our next stop was at my BFF’s house. She is our common friend and we both have known her from our school days. To see her with a little baby in her hands, waiting for us on the middle of the road – I swear I could have jumped off the running car to hug her tightly. The little bundle of joy in her hands was all smiles seeing us and I can’t describe my feelings in words. It was like the same old days, except that I had met her at her maternal grandparents’ place and she had a baby with her. I got to see the house I have been hearing from years ago and it was everything I imagined it to be. We talked, talked and talked some more amidst the many antics of her baby. You know, I never believed in love at first sight but that’s what I experienced on seeing BFF’s baby girl. Only that she didn’t leave her mom even for a sec but her smiles were enough to melt my heart. We also had our first taste at Bamblimaas *Blood Oranges* freshly plucked from their garden. What seemed like a mere 10 min meet ended up as an hour and half stay, but we had so much more to talk. You wouldn’t believe if I say, we both were still talking inspite of the moving car. By the way, I loved getting a few wonderful shots of the little darling that my BFF’s daughter is. Our pictures were clicked and duly shared with our other friends to turn them green 🙂

For the rest of the journey, I had a smile plastered on my face replaying the incidents of the evening. Through Bandipur, we had the chance of seeing an Elephant family (two bigger elephants with a baby elephant) On seeing the stopped cars and the paparazzi, a big elephant and the little one moved into the forest. The other big one looked wild assessing the situation, so we quickly clicked a few pictures from our car. We also saw few different species of monkeys and squirrels but couldn’t match their speed, clicking pictures. Dinner was at Kamat Lokaruchi and I am still salivating at the thought of their jowar rotis. We reached home around midnight after dropping off our friends. Home had never felt sweeter and our bed.. I wouldn’t give it up it for any star hotel experience. All in all, a trip and time well spent. It was a different experience having another couple with us. Would we do it again?! May be yes. May be no 🙂

Now for few of my favorite shots –

@ Thusharagiri Falls – the magic of my DSLR, one of my fav shots 🙂


@ Thusharagiri Falls – “We” Pristine and ice cold water.


@ Thusharagiri Falls – Full view of the falls. Not the best time to visit, but not bad either 🙂


@ Thusharagiri Falls – A small stream of water enroute to the main falls. My photo experimentation part 1 (with high shutter speed to shun the water motion)


@ Thusharagiri Falls – A small stream of water en-route to the main falls. My photo experimentation part 2 (with slow shutter speed to catch the water motion)


@ Thusharagiri Falls – A variant of the pink silk flower, fuller and brighter.


@ Thusharagiri Falls – Pins and Needles, a variant of the pink silk flower.


@ Pookad Lake – Look at the pink blanket on the water, surrounded by greenery.


@ Pookad Lake – a close up at the little pink flowers!


@ Bandipur – On the way to Bangalore, Elephant grazing closer to the road.


@ Bandipur – on the way to Bangalore, the elephant doesn’t seem too big in the picture but trust me, it looked wild.


With this, I am done with my account of our Calicut trip. Though planned too suddenly, it turned out to be a memorable one for us, for many reasons.


19 thoughts on “Calicut Diaries – Part 3

  1. Amazing recap.. Loved all the parts n excellent photos. Glad you guys had a great trip. Superb. For food photography do u go with manual or other mode? Today with vaandus bday was experimenting manual mode. Waiting for spring to plan some vacation..

    • Thanks much Sri 🙂 For all photos, I use manual mode. It is difficult in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, you would not even go for Auto once. Do give it a try! Best is to do some experimentation in day light 🙂 Let me know if you have any specific questions – happy to help!

      • Thanks GB. Will ask if I need settings. Yeah.. Slowly getting the hang of it. Daylight is the pblm here. By 4pm it gets gloomy n dark.. Last year I couldn’t experiment much with camera. Night n manual mode I need to play more. If I m clicking in the night I just go with close look up mode. That’s comes out pretty good than the auto. Between all these I need protect the camera from the little one. By EOD I give up experimenting.. 😩😩 sigh

  2. Aren’t your lillte pink flowers little Lillie’s GB? Appams are such tasty easy things to prepare makes bf material on many days for us. Friends from andhra Pradesh and telgana call it aapam. Then people up north have these tiny rice bowls steams or fried and they call it aapam too.. Lovely trip. You have a food blog? 🙂

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