You were a little over two years old when we first played our teacher-student game. I vividly remember teaching you A-B-C-D I learnt at school, standing on a stool myself. You must have been such a cute little student, trying to imitate every move of mine.

You were beyond excited to move to class 1 partly because it was a big school but mostly because I would be around. Amma still tells me how bored you used to get, until I was home. You missed me and waited for me every single day.

You were the first person I took on a ride on my bicycle, a few hours after I learnt it properly myself. You never doubted me and always had confidence on me.

You would be very happy with all the hand-me-downs that were passed to you, never once complaining. You have had the old school uniform, books, cycle, pens, mobiles and what-not. If not anything, you have readily accepted anything that was given to you – old or new.

You would be patient with my bossy elder sister attitude whenever I showed it. I have been a tough elder sister at times, but mostly because I was very protective of you.

You would be so happy looking forward to every interval or lunch break meet ups all through the school. There had been no single day, we missed catching up with each other through these breaks. It was a time we both looked forward too.

You were tolerant with my impatience in teaching you Math and Hindi, never once raising your voice/complaining against me. I was impatient with you taking forever to understand something that was easy for my age, being two years elder to you.

You were so scared of your first & last fancy dress competition in standard 6. Although quite simple, seeing more than 600 students at one go must have been very difficult. You almost fainted on the stage and from the audience, I was letting out a silent prayer for you. You cried the entire evening for the embarrassment that you thought to have caused us both. But I cant tell you, how proud I had been for every single prayer song you sang for the next four years, facing all those 600 students.

You would be so angry everytime a teacher told you, you were being too naughty or playful unlike me. But then, you were being you and it was incorrect of the elders to expect you to follow me blindly.

You were too possessive of me, just as I was of you. For years, we never let anyone invade our world.

You were are the brother that I never had in my life. The number of times you have saved me, advised me or protected me, I cant imagine my life without you.

You have been too loving of me, inspite of my many flaws.

I don’t think I was such a good sister to you as you were to me. There are some things that I am not proud of. Like the one time when you were 4, I let this dog get to you running away instead of protecting you. Or this other time, I let that little boy hit you with a ball not standing up for you. Or when you were accidentally hurt in the eye and my very first thought was that my sister is spoiling such a nice evening. Or during all those years I have fought with you, hit you or pinched you without even knowing what I did was hurting you, until you told me that I never loved you. But infact, I loved you more than anything in the world. Am glad, we got that cleared very early in our lives and have lived on to be bestest friends.

If I am granted one wish today, I would want to relive my childhood with you all over again. Some emotions can never be put in words and as every year, I am choked up and overwhelmed by the many memories we share. I don’t know how my life would have been, if not for this day years ago. The very day, you came into our lives, making it so beautiful. You were the last piece of the puzzle making our family complete and will always be the apple of our eyes, no matter how old you grow.

Love you with all my heart and some more! Happy Birthday Chinthalli. Wishing you happiness forever 🙂


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