Happiness is….

…. watching a late night movie with S, a feel good one at that.

…. getting the birthday gift, 20 days ahead of the birthday.

…. eating hot-hot rotis straight out of the stove with Amma’s signature beetroot kurma.

…. finding a white rose bud and bloom out of the blue.

…. dad lending a shoulder for me to place my head on, sitting next to me.

…. cancelling the alarm on a Tuesday realizing it’s a holiday.

…. realizing that the husband gently takes off the extra pillow from under my head once I fall asleep every night.

…. replying to all the comments on the blog and clearing off the log.

…. having pillow soft amma-made idlis for breakfast.

…. continuing to read the current book on the mobile, and having a good experience at that.

…. having dealt with a great customer care for Kindle, which slightly taking away the pain of having to deal with the TV guys.

…. having a small bite of Soan Papdi that the parents loving brought fromย their evening walk.

…. getting compliments on the new black sandals.

…. the cheerful welcome by parents on my return to home every single day.

…. calling the sister and having nonsense talk.

…. having a good coffee at the end of a tiring day.

…. listening to the favorite songs in a loop.


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