Quirky Me!

This Monday is not so Monday but is still a Monday and thats why why hate this Monday. Seems much a like a blabbering me isnt it? I was running with one task or the other since morning. I had a lot of ideas to write today’s post but now that I sit to write something actually, the content has magically vanished. So, what do I do when there is nothing else to talk? I write about myself. Here are a list of quirky things that are reserved only to me.

** The first thing I do as soon as I get up every morning is to check my phone, nothing new given how these mobile phones have invaded into our lives. I specifically go to Hike Messenger to check out the morning messages from my family, before heading over to wordpress! Yes, I look forward to checking new comments every morning – brightens my day 😀 *take cue all you people!!*

** While working in the kitchen, I like my kitchen platform to be almost empty. The sight of a full platform irks me so much that I duly call the husband to clear some things up.

** I need to have someone with me in the kitchen, while I am cooking. Bear in mind, I might not let this other person to do anything but I need some company. Amma or S readily accept to hear my banter and keep me company while I cook.

** While stepping into the house or stepping out or while doing any stepping, I seem to take my left leg first. Quite against the usual sentiments and I had to be very cautious while entering into my in-laws’ place for the first time.

** While wearing Salwar that comes with a duppatta, I can only wear it on my right side and never the left side. Dont ask me why but thats how I am.

** I hate, absolutely hate to keep my phone ringing in public places. Except for the times when the mobile is on charge at home, I keep it on vibration mode for the rest of the time.

** If I dont read a book right from its cover to its acknowledgements, I feel incomplete with the book.

** I cant say a simple short story. I like to narrate every single detail even for the smallest of things.

** My coffee taste is unique and so far only S successfully makes it apart from me. I bugged Amma until she got the same taste as well and it was above her head how a little more milk or a tiny little less coffee powder can turn her daughter into a Godzilla.

** I click a picture of me every single day by default – either to send it to parents or the sister. That said, I hate selfies.

Okay, these are my quirks from the top of my head. Tell me what your quirks are!


16 thoughts on “Quirky Me!

  1. I am just the opposite of you when it comes to people in the kitchen. I get distracted easily and blame them for my disasters. Heh.

    And I am like you when it comes to reading a book. I need to at least read the acknowledgements in the end to feel that the book is complete! 🙂

  2. WoW! what a fantastic list GB. I am with you on being irked by the occupied kitchen benches & I cam stand a dirty kitchen bench, even if it means I clean & wipe it many times in a day 🙂

  3. I was nodding my head in agreement as I was reading these..
    Checking phone as first thing in the morning – Check
    Want company in the kitchen, with no help from them – Check
    Can’t make the stories short – Check 🙂

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