Super Moon

This has been a post long due. If any of you remember the Lunar Eclipse around Sept 28th 2015, you should also remember the Super Moon. The Moon was larger than usual, with a beautiful yellowish orange color and in a perfect circle.

I vividly remember it for we were in Chennai on this very day, may be after a couple of months. It was our family reunion of sorts, all of us meeting at our parents’ place – our home. The last few trips to Chennai, although I get to meet my family it doesnt happen at our home, for each of us have set commitments and busy schedules. Probably that’s why, it’s a day very special to me.

Towards the evening, dad brought out the foldable wire chairs (that have been in our family for over two decades) onto the portico. Quickly each of us took our positions, sitting in a circle enjoying the peace of the cool evening. There is a reason I call this my home – nowhere else in the world I would be as happy as I would be here. We talked and laughed and talked some more for the next two hours, just like the good old days. Meanwhile, the moon came out and it looked stunning. Thats when I remembered about the Super Moon and quickly got out my camera. After a couple of shots at the moon, I turned my camera towards the apple of my eye – my sister. I have 100 odd pictures of her, clicked candidly – capturing a lot of emotions, making memories for years to come.

Ok, back to the Super Moon. My shotsΒ – I cannot call them the best but what I could manage with my 200mm lens. Tell me, doesnt the moon look like a huge Sweet Lime?

Capturing moon is not so difficult if you know the right settings. For this shot, I used these settings – Β F-Stop: 5.6, ISO: 200, Shutter Speed – 1/200s. This is exactly how the Moon looked that day, obviously this setting helped let in a lot of natural light from the moon and resulted in a Sepia toned moon. [Click to enlarge]


For a more black and white image, I used these settings – F-stop: 11, ISO: 200 and shutter speed: 1/160s. I controlled the amount of natural light by reducing the F-stop there by getting a darker picture of the Super Moon.Β [Click to enlarge]


20 thoughts on “Super Moon

  1. Wow it looks wonderful GB πŸ™‚ why aren’t you posting any of these on Instagram? πŸ˜• Every night, I think about going up and practising some moon shots, but I’m a lazy bum. This goes with Sunrises as well 😜 And totally agree with clicking 100+ photos of our loved ones. I love taking every emotion on my niece’s face.. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    • Thanks Sweety! πŸ™‚ I am not so active on instagram.. I post my picture from recipe shared every day. Thats it. I should start using it more actively πŸ™‚ And true about clicking photos of our loved ones πŸ™‚

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