Tag Time

Thanks to Bingo’s Mom, I have an easy post today. With no further ado, here are my answers 😀

  1. What are you wearing? – A purple colored night dress, as I type this. I wanted to change quickly before doing this tag but who am I kidding!? I even celebrated last year’s Pongal in a nightie. One of the most comfortable clothes.
  2. How tall are you? – 5’ 4” and I am offended people consider it short ok? I was the second tallest in my class all through school and the tallest at home, after dad. Of course after getting married to S, I am considered the shortest but people, 5’4” is tall is in my books.
  3. How much do you weigh? – BM, did you not know that asking weight to a girl *who is very conscious of her weight* totally against the ethics?
  4. Any tattoos? – None, I want to get one but not able to make up my mind.
  5. Any piercings? – On both ears.
  6. Favourite show? – Many. Starting with FRIENDS, Everybody loves Raymond, King of Queens and many such sitcoms. I can watch them over and over.
  7. Something you miss? – My childhood.
  8. Favourite song? – Hard to pick one but either of Nalam Vazha from Marupadiyum or Mandram Vandha Thendral from Mouna Ragam. I listen to these when I am feel low.
  9. Zodiac sign? – Aquarius
  10. Quality you look for in a partner? – Simplicity, helpfulness and patience.
  11. Favourite actor? – Actor does not matter as much as the script and story. I can watch any good movie. That said, I can watch any Nivin Pauly’s movie 😀
  12. Favourite colour? – For many years now, it is green.
  13. Loud music or soft? – Depends. Loud when happy/working out, soft when sleepy/feeling low.
  14. Where do you go when you’re sad? – To my book, to read it off.
  15. How long does it take you to shower? – Frankly, not more than 5 mins during usual days. As my Amma says, it’s a race against that bucket of water.
  16. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? – 5 mins to get ready, but I waste another 10 mins running from one mirror to the other making sure I am looking alright *and also bugging S :D*
  17. Ever been in a physical fight? – Yes, with sister and now with S.
  18. Turn on? – I don’t know really. Humour?
  19. Turn off? – Showing off or being arrogant.
  20. Fears? – Losing a loved one, obviously.
  21. Last thing that made you cry? – This serial my dad watches. Ananda Kaneer (tears of joy) when someone’s Puliyodhare was saved from spilling in the last moment. Before that was a movie climax.
  22. Last time you said you loved someone? – Last night.
  23. Last book you read? – Arranged Love by Parul Mittal (on my phone after my Kindle died) and it was so blah.
  24. The book you’re currently reading? – Yes, My Accent is Real by Kunal Nayyar
  25. Last person you talked to? – In person – my Amma. On Phone – S, last evening.
  26. The relationship between you and the person you last texted? – Husband, checking on the TV service guys, last evening. Sigh.
  27. Place you want to visit? – Too many to list as a tourist. I really want to go back to my Thathi’s place along with S one day.
  28. Do you have a crush? Yes Yes Yes 😀
  29. Favourite piece of jewellery? – Rings. I also love the fingers of my left hand than those chubby stout fingers of the right.
  30. Last song you sang? – Maaariiii *grrrrr – Tharani is to be blamed*

Haha. It was fun, thanks much BM.


16 thoughts on “Tag Time

  1. What? Your Kindle died? How? I mean how??
    I loved reading Yes, my accent is real ❤
    Super cool answers there 🙂
    BTW 5'4" is NOT short. No that is not my height, but still I say it is good 😀

    • Sigh. Yes, ME. It was stuck at the boot screen for more than a night and refused to boot up. Not sure what happened. Thanks to your reco, I am also enjoying Kunal Nayyar’s book. hahah, thanks for showing support for my height 😀

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