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Few days back, Pepper wrote this post asking whether your partner reads your blog. I shared my thoughts on her blog and this is an extended version of the same.

While I was dilly dallying with the idea of creating this blog almost four years ago, I sought the opinion of only two people – S and my sister. Even though I can decide for myself, I often tend to hear their opinion before making a decision. As soon as I wrote my first blog, I sent it out to a few friends including S and my sister. This repeated for the next three blogs as well. A couple of friends responded out of courtesy and with S or my sister, I bugged them until they gave their genuine feedback. After the first month or so, I did not matter if these said friends did not visit my blog. I realized that this space would be mine and that no matter what I write, I should not be judged. I also fervently wished that these friends forgot about my blog, which they did in a few months – making this blog my very own comfortable space.

Although this space is primarily mine, most of the gibberish I write is about my family or S or everyday non-sense. There is a high chance that I would discussed the topic already with either S or my sister, before putting it out in open here. As such there is nothing I have to hide from S or my family, so I was okay with S or my sister reading my blog. The sister still is very devoted to my blog, staying up to date with my blog.  With S, I know he used to read my blog quite regularly *but not before checking on the length of each post like 20 times* but these days, I am not too sure. He doesn’t like to read the blog when I am around him, so he waits until I fall asleep before checking out my blog. I don’t know why he does that. It’s probably like how I can’t write anything when he is sitting next to me or trying to take a peep-in to my laptop screen. Inspite of knowing very well that he would read the blog *which I recommend and am completely okay with*, I cant write while having him next to me. Oh yes! We are two weird human beings living together.

All this said, I am highly uncomfortable opening this blog to anyone other than these two people of my life – including my parents. Extended family or my relatives do not know about this blog or the food blog. At times, I have shown my parents a couple of posts I wrote on them but that’s it. I did not want my parents to follow this blog. They did not know how to access the blog on their own, so I was safe. Although I share every single thing with my parents, it was not a comfortable thought having them on this blog. First – I write my heart out here including the not-so-happy moments of my life. For that moment, it seems to be the biggest worry and hence I put it on the blog. Within a day or two, I move on. But the thought of parents coming back to the post again and again, worrying about something that no longer matters did not seem right. And that exactly is why I did not want them on this blog.

As luck would have it, dad figured out a link to this blog a week back and has been constantly seen reading all the archives. Not only that, you can see my parents sharing a mobile taking shifts, reading this blog. *amma does not know that she can access the blog on her mobile, so borrows dad’s mobile for some time throughout the day* This has been making me quite uneasy. Not because my parents would judge me but I don’t want them to be worried looking at some content. The other scary part is they have been telling all and sundry that their daughter writes as “green boochi”. It’s not long before distant relative is going on land on this blog.

So how private is your blog space?! Share your thoughts 🙂

15 thoughts on “Blog Privacy

  1. 🙂 None among my family, friends or anyone else knew about my blog. Only one person from office might have a chance to know me as I follow his blog and frequently comment over there. But, he is from a different country and so, I took my chances :).
    If I have to share my blog to my family and friends, then I have to mark a few posts as private. With friends, I can share almost all of my posts but with family, things might get sensitive as I’m mostly modest and polite in real life but not so modest while ranting on my blog and my thoughts might come out to be quite disturbing and radical to my parents and immediate family. And when i gave my relatively new phone to Amma, I literally had to format the phone and restore it to default so that she would never get anywhere near my blog. And spouse, no one yet to share GB. But, If i could, I would want to keep this a secret from him too so that I can rant with an open heart. 🙂 😛

  2. Well now she knows that she can read it on her mobile too..

    On privacy well I think I made a mistake sharing mine with everyone I knew.. I use to be on fb and put the links there so every one knows my close friends and all.. so sometimes there are things I want to write but I don’t because I know it’s going to hurt someone .. as the post is about them.

    Also now everyone knows me..☺☺ and I can’t speak sometimes what’s on my mind openly..

    Anonymous is good as in writer…

  3. //The other scary part is they have been telling all and sundry that their daughter writes as “green boochi”.

    This was really funny 😀 I just imagined your parents telling others that “my daughter writes as green boochi”. Hilarious! 🙂

  4. I was nodding my head to most of your points GB.. I don’t feel comfortable sharing my blog with friends and relatives.. I think M reads it occasionally.. Otherwise it is all only for my virtual friends.. To Amma I took a print out of the post I wrote about her and gave it to her..she knows about my blog but don’t know how to access it.. Also I told her that I keep it private.. So it’s good so far..

  5. S is aware of my blog but hardly reads it. He knows how active I am with blogging [;)]. Just today I asked him if I can write about a sensitive and an important issue haunting our life right now. But he is not too happy comfortable. S is clearly against sharing anything personal to the outside world whereas I feel it lifts off the weight from your shoulder once we express it.

  6. My husband and sis read my blog too and thats it. Like you he rewds it not in front of me and i cant write in front of him. But i know he reads. My sisters has mentioned a post or two sometimes and i say i dont want to talk about my blog. My parents dont know about it and i want to keep it that way. Problem is now I have a few blog friends who i have met..say when i visit bombay or when they come here. And my folks , read mom, always want to know how i know its a lot of lies..met through a friend..or my standard – part of an online moms group. I hate lying at the age of 30 but I cannot tell them about the blog

  7. My BFF reads my blog. None in the family knows about my blog. I started active blogging only after moving to US. Jay doesnt like reading – anything for that matter. I will have to make him forcefully read or sometimes I read it out for him. But he suggests fodder for my blog and enquires if I have written about some particular incident, thus making sure I don’t miss out anything. There is some sort of comfort in being anonymous right? I am loving it.

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