Such is life…

It all started with the external hard disk… my precious hard disk containing as much as 500 gigabytes of data decided to die upon me. Among other data, it had so many pictures. Pictures that are almost a decade old, carrying beautiful memories associated with it. Our first ever picture together, our family portraits, a number of festival celebrations, trips and food pictures. The fact that we had no backup of our backup hard disk meant that all of this data would be lost forever. I had not even realized how much of our lives are digitized and how this data was invaluable to us. The hard disk itself was worth not more than 5K 5 years ago but the data it contained was priceless. To lose all of it, without having any trace was enough to send me into a mode of panic until S was home. Thanks to the internet and a very patient S, we could retrieve all the data from the hard disk before it totally died on us. All this happened not before a month ago and yesterday we replaced this hard disk for a brand new one.

Remember my saga with the TV repair guys a couple of years ago?! It had left such a bad taste that I was willing to live without a TV for over a year. Towards the end of 2014, we gave into the temptation of a new TV and got one home. Everything was hunky dory for the last year or so. Just after the warranty period was over, the TV conked off last week. The right side of the screen was pixelated all of a sudden while the left side was crystal clear. After the initial struggles of getting in touch with the customer service guys and their visit, they zeroed in on the issue. A faulty IC. The not-so-fun part here is that this minute IC is a part of a large circuit strip and that the IC cannot be replaced individually. Just when I was about to ask the guy how much would it cost for the entire circuit, he tells me that the circuit strip will not be available individually as well. So, for a tiny IC that is faulty, we now have to change the entire panel which costs half the price of the TV. Sigh.

I would have considered these two incidents to be a pure coincidence if not for this episode with my Kindle last night. I carry my Kindle like it’s my extended hand and it has proven to be one of the best things that has happened to me. The charge on it lasts for over three weeks and I can carry 1000s of books with ease. So, as usual I take out my Kindle last night and see that it’s frozen on the screen saver screen. It was fully charged, so I tried doing a hard reboot. That’s all – it was stuck on the boot screen showing the boot image. I struggled to restore it back, trying many help documents online but in vain. For someone who wanted an early night in, I was up until 1 in the morning. Even in my sleep, I kept dreaming about Kindle and how it slowly was dying on me. Things were the same this morning and for this to happen right after the warranty period, I am super bugged.

I am *this* close to giving up on electronics all together. As much as I would like to believe that these are only coincidences, I am worried whats going to be the next one in line. And the irony is we have all these expenditures lined up and that eagerly-awaited-bonus is not even a reality yet. Such is life.

22 thoughts on “Such is life…

  1. You know we have all the photos scattered in all the phones. Becoz of that we never sold our old phones. You can find all android and iOS models. I dunno when we are going to store them in one place. then comes the question cloud or hard disk.. sighhh

  2. Oh my god! My mixie died yesterday and for a week my electric cooker has been giving problems. My blender went off all of a sudden. Coincidence much?!? We’ve got so dependent on them GB it’s pretty hard to imagine a life without them. Hard but not impossible.. Good luck with the Kindle yaar 😦 my heartbeat raised when I read something happened to It 😜

    • Gosh. That really is so bad. As you said, its not impossible to love without these gadgets but then having them in a non-workable condition irritates me. Big hugs to you 🙂

    • Thats the other part of problem, Bik! I cant bring myself to spend money just because I can afford it today. I am wired like that and probably why I am bugged of these issues.

  3. I have started taking multiple copies of all my media and documents precisely for the same reason. For photos, you can use ‘Google Photos’ to keep a second backup copy. It is stored in cloud and would be always available to you in the Google account.

  4. The worst thing that can happen to me is my laptop dying on me. It haunts me in my dreams too. Not only do I stay up fixing it but I tag along someone else too and torture them *literally* till I give up sometime late into night. I can totally relate what you went through with all these electronic debacles.. nonetheless stay strong .

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