The sister and I have a weakness – love for baby animals. Amongst all the animals, we find monkeys too cute! Wait, how can I forget cute little piglets or mouse-lings or baby elephants or puppies or well, all baby animals. This post isn’t about how we are super scared of even touching or going near a harmless kitten but how we love spending hours gazing through such cute baby animal pictures. The hero of this post is monkey and our love for it (from distance).

When the sister and I were very small, we had to spend a horrendous year frightened over two monkeys that ransacked our neighbourhood. Idlis were stolen, our blankets were used, coconuts, tomatoes and other vegetables mysteriously went missing, our clothes were tried on and there were many mornings, we woke up to a monkey staring into us – all credits to these two large monkeys. These monkeys would pounce on us children on the road to school, taking away our tiffin-boxes and water bottles. Any flower or flowers on a girl’s hair would get attacked with renewed vengeance. They made our lives miserable and for years, we were scared of monkeys. After almost twenty years, we began appreciating their cuteness (those tiny monkeys reduce us to a mush) again and started enjoying their antics from a distance *as long as we were not victimized* We exchange pictures of cuteness (read baby Monkeys) every now and then, oohing and awwwing in unison!

During our recent trip (of which I am yet to write) to Calicut, we stopped at a Lake in Wayanad and I had the opportunity to click some pictures of Monkeys. The Monkeys had a territory and were not too invading into the human territory but were demanding things from a safe border. Like this shop where there were hoards of people carrying all types of snacks and ice creams were left to enjoy their food but the minute they stepped out of the shop, Monkeys had their share. Thankfully I had my camera handy and I clicked a bunch of pictures that were duly sent to the sister.

These are some of my favorites –

Nothing great or extraordinary about these shots except that these two little ones had a big fit over a bag of peanuts and the one below chased the other one crazily around, sending it onto the top of a pole. I liked the expression of the one on the pole and look at the below one’s eyes! This is how the sister and I used to find when we were very small, I used to dominate the sister and the sister used to be petrified of me 😀

CH_Cal3 (41)

CH_Cal3 (42)

Look at this Monkey giving us a dont-menace-with-me look and walk! Also, check out his hair-style 😀

CH_Cal3 (43)

This is one of my most favorite shots. Again, reminds me of the sister and I. Our growing up together, our bonding times and the really beautiful relationship that we both share today.  

CH_Cal3 (44)

This little one was persistent until it was thrown a chocolate ice cream cone at it which was caught perfectly – all the while not crossing its territory. Check out how perfectly it’s holding the cone, enjoying the ice cream. Ice cream has its magical way with anyone and everyone 🙂

CH_Cal3 (56)

13 thoughts on “Monkeys

  1. Wow.. This is so cute. I love animals at their habitat. I am scared of dogs n cats inspite of having these as pets at home for the first 15 years of my life. Period.

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