Pet Peeves

I am sure every one of us have our share of annoying habits that are bound to drive others crazy. As much as I have my share of such habits, I am going to talk about some of my pet peeves.

** The facebook status updates and check-ins. The most active I have been on FB is almost 5 years ago when I first joined the bandwagon discovering lost friendships and contacts. Over the years, FB has reduced to nothing but bragbook and I hate it with all my heart *yes, I am one of those stuck in a limbo neither deleting the profile nor being active* I have come to realize that people put up status updates with the only motive of getting publicity. Worst is this check-in feature – I don’t want to know ABC is in DEF with GHI having a JKL time, like every 15 mins.

** Whatsapp groups. Unfortunately over the last year, I have been added to a lot of groups that I don’t wish to be a part of. Now I am in a state where if I remove myself from any of these groups, someone would add me back in right away. *bangs head and I can only get away saying changed my mobile for once or twice* From the seriously stupid forwards to sudden overnight shower of messages to random talks, everything is so tiring with these groups.

** People talking loudly on phones, right from their workstations. I am seriously tired of being in a private conversation but cant help it. One of my teammates calls his daughter (5 year old) every day at 2 and I have to listen to this *otherwise very strict* person do the baby talk. There is this other person who sits across diagonally to me, taking every customer care call super seriously. In all these years, I have never seen let any call pass by. HDFC to personal loans to vehicle insurance to investment plans to credit cards – he has time to speak to everyone and anyone. If at all, he fails to hear back from one of such calls, he makes it point to call them. I was this close to falling at his feet but decided otherwise for it annoys me to no end. There is this other person who is never found at this workstation as he keeps walking away with his phone, fighting with someone in a language I don’t understand. I know, its much better than being at this cubicle but how do I work with him when I don’t see him work at all? One last fun incident. There was this guy who was trying to call one of his relative who was supposed to be in railway station ready to board the train *I know this because of another loud phone conversation* After shouting and screaming into the phone trying to explain this relative that the train is on right time and not hearing a word back from the other side, this guy kept growing impatient. For 20 long minutes, the only question this person kept asking was “meeru ekkada unnaru andi?” (Where are you?) and with every such call, his voice kept getting aggressive 😀 Finally in a much irritated tone  – “ Meeru ekkada unnarandi baabu.. trainu velli poyindi.. velli pyindhi.. abbaa.. trainnnnuuuu velli pooooyindiiiiii” (where the hell are you, yes the train has left already). This one cracked me up and I couldn’t help it 👿

** Public Smoking. Isn’t there a rule prohibiting public smoking?! Then why do I see all these people proudly smoking onto the passers’-by faces as if they are doing us a huge favor? One of these days, I feel like beating the hell out of such people.

** Driving on footpath. When do the people of Bangalore understand that the footpath is for pedestrians and that driving rashly with non-stop honking is not going to widen the foot path instantly?

** Honking. If I am given a super power today, I would magically remove the horns from 90% of the vehicles in India. The logic behind most of the honking in India beats the actual purpose of honking. A person who is 500 mts away from a traffic signal starts honking for no reason at all and suddenly everyone around him is inspired to do that same, there by deafening the innocents like me. When will these people understand the traffic signal system?

** T-shirts over leggings. Before all you people pounce on me for commenting on the choice or freedom of clothes, let me tell you that I am not against this combination but only that it annoys the hell out of me to see short t-shirts over flimsy leggings. Period.

** Your over you’re, than over then. I am not great with my English but then some stuff is considered basic. Like the difference between your and you’re, then and than, or and are, know and no. When people at my office get these small things wrong, I am bound to judge them. I was this close to correcting a person when he said – “I didn’t checked”.

So what are your pet peeves?


16 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. Too many selfies on Instagram or Facebook, too many check-ins , Father’s Day / Mother’s Day posts proclaiming new found one day love for parents.. The list goes on GB ! I totally agree with all you’ve listed here.

  2. Add my tick to all of these! 🙂
    The people who sit behind my cubicle are so loud, not just over the phone but when greeting each other too. It is really annoying to hear them say in a fake voice “Hey how you man”, “How was your vacation”, “How was your weekend” and so on. I am sick of it!
    I couldn’t stop laughing reading the “train velli poyindi” talk. 😀 😀

  3. Hmm, I don’t mind check-ins but for Whatsapp, you can mute the group, that way no one knows you have secretly left and you wont get any annoying messages 🙂
    T-shirt over leggings is a fashion faux pas and even Kareena in her size zero days was not forgiven for it.
    Have you not heard of folks who say – I didn’t knew it. Haha, I always feel like slapping them! 😀

  4. Also, the usage of “Could not be able to”… This phrase is like somebody has stuck a fake moustache on their face..and its falling off and I can see it, but they don’t feel it.. And I cant even correct it…

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