Weight off my shoulders

Remember this post I wrote a couple of days about how the interview process was manipulated and integrity compromised? Thanks to all of you who read the post and shared your thoughts. Although it made me feel a little better knowing that these things are not uncommon and that I will have to ignore and move on, I still felt a lot miserable.

As I said in my previous post, it felt good that a college grad from a very poor background would get a job (which is so necessary for him), but I also knew that the interview process was not fair. After discussing the same with some of my friends and S, I decided to let it go.  Because my team mate had convinced the hiring manager too. As much as I wanted to go behind my team mate’s back and report him, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Given all of this, I had to let it go.

One final decider meeting was called where I was sitting along with the hiring manager and my team mate. My team mate kept pushing for C, giving all the positive points on his trying hard, not being shy to speak bad English, willing to learn new things etc etc. I chose to be silent. But when the hiring manager specifically asked for my input, I had to bring the only flaw I could openly point out – his communication skills (The reason why I brought it up in my last post is also because that’s the only thing I could point at, without cribbing about my team mate’s influence). The hiring manager was polite in pointing to me that he could improve it *which I knew* and there went my only chance of convincing my hiring manager for the last time.

Yesterday, C was almost given the offer. He had to complete a few mandatory steps and my team mate was guiding him over phone. I don’t know how it happened, but Karma came back to bite my team mate. The hiring manager found out that my team mate was the one who referred C and had put the hiring process on hold immediately. Guess how I knew – my team mate told me himself. And he pretended as if he did not know about the conflict of interest in interviewing the referral candidate himself! For someone with more than 15 years of industry experience, I would expect much more than this.

Because of his blunder (or the hope that the hiring manager would overlook this aspect), C is now put on hold. Not only that, as he was about to be offered a job – the hiring manager felt really bad and has accepted to conduct another technical interview. Guess what, he did not divulge any details of the interview or the panel to my team mate. Obviously my team mate is at a loss and if at all C performs well, he will get through.

There, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. At least now I know that the process is going to be fair and if C is truly deserving, he would get in.


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