Serial Killer

Don’t worry, I am not going to talk about a murderer but something worse that can slowly kill us – Mega Serials. At our home, my dad is the avid watcher of many mega serials. I don’t know how or when it started but he is addicted to many regional serials. Over the last few years we have tried talking him out of it by pleading or even threatening, with no use at all. Except for the number of serials he watches every day coming down by a few, the torture for rest of us is all the same.

Every day it officially starts at 6pm and continues until 9pm – a solid three hour back to back nonstop nonsense. I don’t even know how can someone follow something as stupid as a mega serial over these many years. In spite of the drama being completely absurd, it would have my dad’s 100% attention. There is no point trying to get a word of his mouth or as much as a blink when his favorite serials are playing. I would try to tolerate to a certain level but these serials push me over the edge.

Like this episode on a mega serial yesterday where it was entirely based on the heroine losing her rangoli powder and going in search of it for full 30 mins. Or this other one where every cast member is giving a month’s chance to play the main villain. Or even worse – a serial where a guy keeps trying to remarry for the 5th time now. These serials start at some level and episode after episode you seeing it going nowhere at all. What started as mother-daughter based story is now into fantasy world for reasons not even known to the director.

Agree, all of us have issues in our day to day life but these serials dwell only on the negativity. How can someone in real life be as cruel or stupid as cast in these serials? There is this one particular serial that airs at 6Pm every day and by default there will be a wailing scene every other day. I get super bugged by the loud voice and idiotic dialogues. Much worse, they end abruptly as well – as if their contract with the TV Company has lapsed. If at all I lose my patience and say something to dad, he would get all defensive. Sigh. It’s because of people like my dad that these companies are comfortably making money.

As if the TV torture is not enough, dad has now learnt to find his favorite serials online too. He can now be found attached to his phone, playing one serial or the other. Tell me where to bang my head!

22 thoughts on “Serial Killer

  1. 😮 online too?
    Usually it’s the women who get addicted to mega serial, like my MIL :-/. I wonder how your dad’s so interested??! My dad was totally against these serials. For him it would be the news playing the entire day!! My god that’s tiring too. Now even the news is filled with exaggerated negative stuff.

    • The culprit was my grandma.. who would watch Tamil and Telugu serials (even though she cant understand Tamil) and that got my dad hooked on. Yes news channels are no better. Nothing but a game of TRP for any channel.

  2. I know, these serials are a real torture, if once addicted, it’s quite difficult to come out of it. When I quit working and stayed at home for sometime in the past, unknowingly I got addicted to some serials on Zee TV and then I got the entire connection removed 🙂

    If there’s one serial I like, it’s the Friends series. I wish there was one such thing in the regional category

  3. Tell me about it… My mom and grandma are so crazy about these serials. If at all I do skype/web-cam chat with them during the prime time, they won’t even talk properly to me.*bangs head*

  4. I can totally relate to this nonsense. Nobody at home watches serials. My parents are the fans of comedy programs. My MIL is a glued-to-TV from 6PM to 10PM person, with half an hour break to prepare and finish dinner. Serials show nothing but negativity – MIL harassing DIL, fight between SILs, out of marriage relations and what not. True that nobody in real life will be as cruel or stupid as cast in these serials. Why carry the tension that these serial characters give in addition to the ones we already have. Sigh!

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