Saturday Tales

The weekend started on a happy note, for no reason at all. Not waking up to an alarm clock is a joy in itself, wouldn’t you all agree? I am a morning person and getting up early is not so troublesome for me. But then, something happens to me (esp on Mondays) that every minute from 5.50am seems super sweet and its so hard letting go of my comforter. Finally I wake up at 6.25am, which is my maximum limit if I wish to be in time for office. So, I keep snoozing my alarm every 5mins until I cant push it any further. Strangely on weekends, I get up before 6 with no alarms and there is an unexplainable joy in knowing that it’s a weekend and yet you are up early. Yes yes, I am weird like that.

I made S’s favorite breakfast – Pongal and coconut chutney. As I mentioned in my food blog recently, I have a pongal fanatic at home. Anytime of the day, if Pongal is made – it is deemed to be a happy day. Period.

Soon S and I started cleaning around the house. What with travelling two consecutive weekends, the house was a mess. What I love the most about this is how we both end up doing things together. Like for instance, I was cleaning the stove and realized chimney needed a cleaning. S who was busy putting the clothes to dry saw me struggling hard to reach the high spots. He picked up the brush from me and took over the entire task. 65374th reason for falling in love with him all over again 🙂

S put up some old and new songs all through this cleaning activity and we had a great time singing together and attempting to shake a leg and laughing at ourselves. Music is a magic potion. Period.

With a simple lunch in front of us, we started watching a movie called 144. Lunch was great and movie was meh. It was so bad that I even dozed off in between. S was in the mood for shopping and to not miss this rare phenomenon, we immediately set out to the closest mall.

Little did I know that the shopping was meant for me, until we actually started shopping. S got me new shoes and a new dress! I love it when he takes so much effort finding the right things for me. I would have tried on atleast 20 pairs of shoes until I finalized the ONE. And same goes for the dress. The lady at the trial room started giving me the face, after my 5th or 6th visit. S on the other hand kept handing me his new finds until I chose one. 65375th reason for falling in love with all over again! 😀

The icing to the cake was receiving my parents last night. Yay! 😀 😀 The Saturday that started well, ended really well too 🙂

Hope your Saturday was good and happy Sunday! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Saturday Tales

  1. Superrrr you are right waking in the morning without a alarm is bliss. And I woke at 8:50☺☺ am

    Got the weekend off after a long time..

    Today I plan to go for a movie and then meet friends for dinner…

  2. You have the company of another weird guy in my house. My husband. On weekdays, I get up early and prepare breakfast and his lunch, for he’ll leave by 8 o clock. He sleep peacefully til 7.20. On weekends, when I think of sleeping some extra time, this guy rise and shine as soon as the sun is up. I hate you guys. 😡

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