Movie Buffs?

Would you believe me if I say that I have watched only three movies in a cinema hall until I was in college?! My Dear Kuttichethan and Jurrasic Park apart from one Tamil movie – Jeans. My dad who was a big movie buff until we came along, decided otherwise during our growing up days.

In spite of his efforts, the sister and I grew up to be movie buffs. Lucky for us, our local cable company (our first color TV was when I was in 8th std and along came the cable connection) played every new movie within days of releasing. Little did we know about pirated copy and stuff.

Soon college happened and S was in my life. I could not understand how could a person bunk college day after day watching movies. Yes, S has that reputation. Not just that, but with his gang watch the first day first show of some of the top heroes (read Thala Ajith :D). This guy who doesnt do a single dance step infront of me, had no qualms dancing infront of the big screen for a Vikram’s movie and almost being lathi by a constable.

There is this other incident that’s fresh in my memory. Every day during college, my routine is to wait for S before boarding into a bus to my college. Most of the days he would be super late. Basically, he is not a morning person. One fine day, he was nowhere to be seen. My calls were not being answered and I was getting perplexed as the bus was starting. Little did I know that a popular movie was releasing that day and needless to say, I caught S in the long queue (that came up to the main road) trying to get in for the FDFS 😀 So quite a movie fanatic isnt it?! Wait until you hear him whistle 😀

Blame it on my growing up days, I used to consider it a luxury to watch a movie on big screen. All through these years of being married to him, my perception has changed and we have watched a number of movies on the big screen. I am making up for all those years I stayed away from the movie halls by watching almost every good movie that releases. S has made me experience the craze of watching a movie on the first day. He has taken me to some of the best and worst movies. I have dozed off in the movie hall, which my younger self would have reprimanded and called it a huge waste of money. S is definitely not the same S who danced with his friends infront of the big screen, but he still does whistle super loud when I ask him to *especially for the hero entry scenes*

Last night, we watched Wazir which happens to be our first movie of the year. Not like us to watch a Hindi movie on the first day, but it was a decision made on a whim *like always* I pretty much enjoyed the movie and Amitabh Bacchan is always a pleasure to watch. Although the story is pretty simple, loved the twisted plot. A good start and here’s hoping 2016 would be a good movie year for us.

Which is your first movie of 2016? Would love to know more.


18 thoughts on “Movie Buffs?

  1. Whoa! S is quite a movie buff. I think it is a great virtue to be passionate about something in life to the extent you impress others to follow suit 🙂
    I haven’t heard good reviews of Wazir, so double thinking about it. But since you enjoyed it, I’m thinking of making it my first movie of 2016 😀

  2. We r still waiting to watch Wazir. V is a movie buff too.. He can’t stay without watching movies for long and language is no barrier for him when it comes to movies. I accompany him for most, and when I don’t, he doesn’t mind going alone too 🙂

  3. Post-marriage, I also started watching lots of movies on big screen. We are yet to see our first movie of 20 16 in big screen. Enjoy 🙂

  4. I havent watched a movie in the theatre in ages – mainly since we have had bandar. I am not a fan of kids in theatres. I need to watch movies from 2014 and 15 first at home before we embark on 2016:)

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