How difficult is it to remember passwords?

Apparently, it seems to be very difficult for my dad. Until recently, he did not have to deal with passwords or usernames on a regular basis. With the fast changing world, everything is made available online. Seeing him go through struggles of getting things done the traditional way, we got my parents smart phones. And they got their first mail IDs. Along came passwords. One fine day, I spent an hour explaining how these E-mails worked. He was very attentive and swore that he remembered his password.

In a few days, we had to get him to online banking and he forgot his email ID. After trying hard remembering what it was the email ID had to be discarded. I had to create another account for him and asked him to write it down somewhere safe. The idea was that he would remember it correctly, but within a few months not only did he forget how the emails worked, he forgot his mail ID as well as password. And the chit of paper containing this information was safely locked in one of the most secure places at our home that he forgot where it was. Sigh.

To add to our password worries, soon there were passwords for his online banking accounts and profile passwords to make authorized changes and the online authorization codes. If understanding all these was a trouble, remembering them was almost a challenge. I don’t blame my parents at all, for its all changing too fast for their generation. What seems super simple for us is quite tough for them. A send arrow could only mean one thing for us, but for them to decode this on their own is impossible.

My dad reads every single thing – including the instruction manuals, advertisement pamphlets and even the tiny disclaimers. I did not anticipate the problem in store for us when we started their online accounts. He tries to read and understand every point in the terms and conditions, because that’s how he knows it. When I got impatient at him for wasting both of our times, it only added to the complexity of the situation. It’s funny how he interprets most of the SMSes from various service accounts. For example, if he had got an SMS from SBI regarding Phishing, he would not use his online account for days as his understanding is that the SMS was sent specifically to him only because his account is in danger zone. I don’t even want to talk about the customer care calls. Once he made amma talk to a lady for ten mins patiently answering questions for what I would consider is absolute nonsense.

Their generation is like that. They don’t understand how this ultra-modern world functions anymore and the scams that come with it. Either they are too overprotective that the entire purpose of online world being easy gets lost or they don’t understand the potential dangers.

Why this post you wonder? I asked him for his email password yesterday as a part of my pop quiz and he sent me his email ID in block letters. *I would have squeezed his cheeks had he been next to me*

10 thoughts on “How difficult is it to remember passwords?

  1. ☺☺☺☺
    I can understand. Reminds when I got my dad the mobile phone .. I got 5 sms messages saying

    And now I have yhe same issue with mom as she does not know English so what a pallava it is. .90% of the jobs are left for when I come to india.. so the first week or two is spent in doing all the work..

    But hey gb I think it’s more of of a Awwwwwwwwwwww post..

    My regards to your dad… ☺☺

  2. Really. It is extremely tough for them to cope with these changes. I taught my mom too, on how to access her online banking account and check if the pension is credited. Yet every single time that she doesn’t get the sms, she tells me “I think the pension is not credited”. I ask her if she checked online and as always she denies. Eventually I have to check and confirm that it is indeed credited and that she hasn’t received the sms. Phew! Somehow what seems simple to us, seems so complex to them. 😦

  3. Same with my dad too.. We kept it in auto save for his emails and FB accounts. I don’t want him to access his bank accounts online.. That will only add up confusion..

  4. Haha pop quiz 😊
    I know the feeling GB-they are either too trusting or too over protective. And even my parents struggle with remembering email ids and passwords.

  5. I totally understand!! Me and S go through these type of things with our parents as well. My parents are much better. But, now we store all the passwords with us and if they forget, they know they can contact us 🙂

  6. Remembering passwords is tough for me too, I keep getting confused all the time so i can totally understand when My parents or anyone for that matter gets stuck.
    But the best part is your parents are working hard to get accustomed to the changing ways of technology unlike my parents ( especially mum) who leave things onto me to sort out w/o trying to learn on their own.

  7. Every time my parents forget some password or the other, they call me to find out what it is. So, in addition to all my fancy passwords, I have to remember theirs as well 🙂

  8. Couple of years back, I made an Email ID for Amma and taught her to use it. My dad doesnt have the patience to even sit infront of that. And you know want.. sis was holidaying in Singapore and she was regularly sending us pics via e-mail everyday. Amma was accessing her mail everyday and was seeing the pics. I was away at hostel. One of those days, my aunt SMS-ed me that she saw my sis’s holiday pics. I was so proud of Amma, that she has actually learned to forward the e-mail to her sis’s ID. But what happened actually was, Amma passed the password to her sis and that is how she saw the pics.:D 😀 😀

    Now tell me, should I teach her Online Banking?

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